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Ep 64 – Scott Needham – $350 Million Sold on Amazon

Many Amazon sellers disregard the option to implement coupons into their sales strategy as they believe there are better, more auspicious ways to land more conversions. Scott Needham is here with us today to shine a light on the unique opportunities Amazon coupons can offer. If you feel like your Amazon store needs a boost in conversations Scott is the man to heed! 1:00 – Fundamentals of Amazon coupons 4:36 – Where and when to offer coupons 7:19 – Practical amount to discount your products 11:03 – Insuring profitability when offering discounts 19:44 – Factoring for the ebb and flow of income 22:30 – Automation: Deciding what to hire for and what to create or purchase software for 30:35 – Simple and effective methods to implement automation to your business processes 34:23 – Where to find Scott online Links/resources Scott’s Instagram – Scott’s podcast – Zapier – Phrase Express –

Ep 63 – Rick Cesari – $1B Brand Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing can be a minefield, especially for newcomers. Without knowledge of what to shoot for, you can deplete your bankroll real fast with botched video advertisement implementation. Video marketing expert Rick Cesari joins us today to help us defuse some of those mines commonly stumbled onto in the field. 1:28 – Video’s position in advertising today 4:32 – Specifics of Content Samurai 5:41 – What type of videos should Amazon sellers be focusing to practically promote their business? 8:21 – The importance of text captions 12:28 – Creating video content with a specific objective 21.24 – Tips for making videos more engaging 26:23 – Good books and resources to solidify your marketing fundamentals 31:17 – Methods for getting more value out of one video 32:59 – Best platform (after Amazon) to focus on video marketing for 36:11 – Rick’s new book, Video Persuasion Links/Resources: Video Persuasion book – Content Samurai –

Amazon Wholesale Products to Sell for Profit – Dan Meadors Full Strategy 2020 – Actualize Freedom Podcast

Selling wholesale on amazon is a much simpler model than private label, so many Amazon sellers are adding to their arsenal. Dan Meadors has sold more than $10 million online, but it took him years of trial and error to figure out which products to sell on Amazon. After trying what the Amazon wholesale gurus were teaching with little success, he started seeing success with the opposite! After he found the wholesale formula he began systematizing and hiring so he could find new wholesale products to sell on Amazon and create relationships with brands to sell their products long term. In this Actualize Freedom Podcast interview, host Danny Carlson dives into the world of amazon wholesale products, which wholesale items to sell on Amazon, and what kind of strategy you need for Amazon wholesale strategy in 2020. Dan’s Links: Wholesale Formula Webinar Show Notes 1:06 – How Dan was forced to start his business 17:03 – Providing potential clients value before they commit 21:28 – How Dan learned to systematize his business 25:26 Dan’s day to day activity in his business 26:55 – What you need to get started in wholesale 31:14 – Profit margins a wholesaler should be looking for in a wholesale product 32:41 – Finding the right products for wholesaling and creating relationships with suppliers 37:55 – Where to find Dan online Links/resources Dan’s website – Special page for Actualize Freedom audience –

Ep 61 – Steven Black – Amazon Marketing Secrets 2019

Today we interview Steven Black, a seasoned Amazon guru with a different perspective than most experts out there today. Steven tells us all about how he gets so much done, the methods he employs to achieve success and where he finds all the time to do it all. This one is absolutely jammed with gold nuggets, so be sure to tune in! 1:53 – Time management 9:13 – Aspect of marketing most people ignore that they shouldn’t 11:44 – Growing an audience 19:52 – How to begin growing your audience 32:29 – Facilitating a successful product launch on Amazon 39:18 – Advice for people who feel overwhelmed by all the steps one needs to take to achieve success on amazon 44:44 – Where to find Steven online Links/Resources Unstoppable FBA webpage – Unstoppable FBA Facebook group – Steven’s official Facebook page – Clockwork book –

Ep 60 – Liran Hirschkorn – Amazon with 11 Years Marketing Wisdom

Amazon external marketing strategist and mindset development expert Liran Hirschkorn joins us today do delve deep into the mysterious depths of external marketing in ecommerce. Laran goes into the crucial details about how to run an effective marketing campaign from the ground up, as well as attaining a successful mindset. If you’re looking to boost your revenue by getting the good word of your product into the public eye, you’d be remiss to miss this one! 1:00 – Changes in ecommerce over the last 11 years 4:37 – The importance of marketing skillsets today 7:15 – Have a good criteria for product selection 14:15 – After you select a product, how should you proceed with marketing? 19:09 – Second step of an effective ad strategy 21:30 – Other external marketing strategies to focus on 23:55 – Setting up an ad campaign 29:27 – Developing a mindset for success 36:17 – Where to find Liran online Links/Resources The Amazon Seller Podcast – Liran’s Facebook – Impact Theory –

Ep 59 – Henson Wu – White Hat Amazon Reviews

Ecommerce veteran and expert Henson Wu joins us today on the Actualize Freedom Podcast. Henson delves deep into the hot topic that is Amazon reviews and details what we can do to influence this crucial component of our businesses to our benefit. Whether or not you sell on Amazon, Henson delivers spot-on tips that apply to ecommerce across the board, so this is not one to miss! 1:01 – The early days of ecommerce 3:54 – Post “wild west” ecommerce 8:51 – Top 3 methods of collecting more positive reviews on Amazon 11:51 – White hat methods for soliciting reviews 18:55 – Effective subject lines for emails for eliciting feedback 20:47 – Methods for mitigating negative reviews 28:17 – Important aspects of your business you should stay current with 33:41 – Where to find Henson online Links/Resources Henson’s website –


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