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The Amazon FBA Podcast for Advanced Ecommerce Brand Owners

Host Danny Carlson interviews Amazon Selling experts, 8 figure brand builders, & the smartest digital marketers in the game.  Learn more about Danny Carlson here.

This is not focused on beginners, Danny treats every interview as an opportunity to learn the true core of what made each guest successful. 

Listen in as Danny challenges his guests to go beyond the surface level & staright to the advanced strategies & nuggets behind some of the most successful digital entrepreneurs in the Amazon space today.

Ep 73 – Amazon Video Ads & The Ppc Software Killer With Sean Smith

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Ep 72 – Ryan Rigney – Messenger Launch Automation with Search Find Buy

1:48 – Changes coming to Facebook Messenger in 2020 5:05 – Is sending series of value-based messages acceptable? 6:19 – Is immediately getting people on email/sms messaging lists recommended? 10:32 – The future of messenger marketing in general 15:20 – How Ryan engages with his group 17:33 – Tactics for Amazon product launches using messenger marketing 23:15 – How Ryan manages his sequences with Boost Rooster 31:47 – How many units does Ryan recommend giving away for a search find buy launch? 33:05 – How technically intensive is the process of setting up these Facebook ads with Boost Rooster? 35:19 – Rebates, Amazon gift cards and potential red flag concerns 39:12 – How to elicit reviews while avoiding review manipulation 42:18 – Where to find Andrew online Links/resources Boost Rooster –

Ep 71 – Taking Unique Amazon Products to Market Profitably with Zack Leonard

1:41 – Adding revenue and cutting costs 2:49 – The first things to look at when cutting costs 4:45 – Finding the pertinent information in order to properly cut costs 6:44 – Gauging and negotiating profit margins with suppliers 8:17 – Creating a relationship with your suppliers that allows for product innovation 9:29 – Methods for figuring out how to innovate products that mesh well with manufacturing costs 11:13 – How to locate someone with a specialty for optimizing the manufacturing process 13:12 – Typical costs and timeframe to be expected when working with an industrial designer 14:16 – $2000 vs $50,000 new product 15:44 – Advice for finding and choosing the right suppliers 19:00 – How to verify a legitimate factory to work with remotely 20:14 – Recommended strategies to verify whether or not your innovation ideas are a good market fit 21:46 – Locating trending items on Etsy and Pinterest 23:16 – Where are common ecommerce businesses getting their foundational setup wrong? 25:44 – Recommended ways to monitor profitability on Amazon 28:20 – Hiring independent contractors that scale their pay with the needs of your business 31:57 – First thing to do to begin successfully monitoring profitability 32:36 – Where to find Zach online Links/resources Gembah –

Ep 70 – Amazon Keyword URLs & 2020 Launch Tactics from Top Amazon Podcaster Bradley Sutton

1:56 – Changes to Amazon URLs 5:57 – Why are some people seeing mixed or poor results with keyword URLs? 8:50 – The best contemporary product launch strategy according to Bradley 13:27 – Gauging Etsy and Pinterest trends 18:51 – Combining launch strategies for a product with budget in mind 22:05 – Differing trends between successful and unsuccessful sellers 31:18 – Connecting with the seller community 34:58 – Where to find Bradley online Links/resources Helium 10 Users Facebook group – Helium 10 website – Serious Sellers Podcast –

Ep 69 – Kristina Mertens – Avoid Scams & Hire Killer Contractors to Grow your Amazon Sales

Kristina Mertens is an expert on hiring Amazon FBA related freelancers and agencies with her experience at Sermondo, a platform that connects brands with Amazon FBA talent. She shares her best tips on vetting companies, avoiding scams, and most effective ways of working with freelancers to get the most out of your investment. Hiring & delegating is definitely a skillset and something that must be learned. For this reason I really recommend you start delegating at a small level much sooner than you want to to start gaining the skills you will desperately need as your business grows. Team is everything, there’s only so much one person can do so don’t fall into the solopreneur trap! Links/resources Sermondo Blog –

Ep 67 – Quin Amorim – Amazon Review Boosting Tricks & Why ACoS Doesn’t Matter

1:44 – Amazon followup email optimization 12:43 – Review optimization numbers 16:29 – ACOS 21:35 – How much ACOS is too much? 26:09 –  Search Find Buy best practices 29:30 – Product research with Helium 10 filters 39:13 – Where to find Quin online Links/resources Profit Builder – QA Selling Online Podcast – Fail Fast Podcast – Prolific Zone – Quin’s Linkedin –

Ep 66 – Jon Tilley – Real Amazon Data for Research & Optimization

ZonGuru CEO Jon Tilley joins us today to delve into the depths of the Amazon data stores need to grow their Amazon business, and how to properly implement it to maximize results. Many sellers ignore this data, and as a result, their business suffers. Or perhaps they are doing well, but could be doing amazing with proper knowledge of data application. Tune in today to discover the powerful business-boosting methods you might be missing in your store! 1:36 – How has Amazon evolved over the last 5 years? 4:23 – Has Amazon become too competitive to even try anymore? 5:59 – How Jon uses data to get an edge on the competition 9:50 – Strategies for bringing unique products onto the Amazon marketplace 12:49 – Tips for identifying profitable niche markets 17:10 – Data points many sellers neglect, but shouldn’t 25:01 – Real data points available through the API 26:07 – Using data to optimize Amazon listings 28:58 – Keyword placement methods 34:11 – The rest of the listing 39:15 – Metrics to monitor to boost your Amazon sales 42:17 – Where to find Jon online Links/resources ZonGuru – Email Jon – 2020 Perfect Product Vision webseries – ZonGuru Facebook page – ZonGuru Instagram – ZonGuru Youtube –

Ep 65 – John Li – Amazon Shopper Surveys to Maximize Conversions

Amazon listing optimization expert and founder of PickFU John Li joins us today on Actualize Freedom. In this episode, John elucidates the importance of split testing in regards to your ecommerce store’s optimization process. We’ll get into the hard details regarding split testing, how to implement it properly and how you can derive the most value out of your feedback. 0:49 – What was John’s first business? 2:14 – A pivotal failure 3:14 – Why John chose to have and keep his cofounder 4:41 – Why John created PickFU 6:39 – Primary use cases for PickFU in ecommerce 11:39 –  2nd and 3rd most important aspects of an Amazon listing 13:11 – Brand testing 15:51 – How John gets use out of PickFU for his own business 18:08 – Future plans for PickFU 21:55 – Where to begin optimizing your listings 23:36 – Where to find John online Links/Resources Exclusive Actualize Freedom coupon for PickFU – John’s email –

Ep 64 – Scott Needham – $350 Million Sold on Amazon

Many Amazon sellers disregard the option to implement coupons into their sales strategy as they believe there are better, more auspicious ways to land more conversions. Scott Needham is here with us today to shine a light on the unique opportunities Amazon coupons can offer. If you feel like your Amazon store needs a boost in conversations Scott is the man to heed! 1:00 – Fundamentals of Amazon coupons 4:36 – Where and when to offer coupons 7:19 – Practical amount to discount your products 11:03 – Insuring profitability when offering discounts 19:44 – Factoring for the ebb and flow of income 22:30 – Automation: Deciding what to hire for and what to create or purchase software for 30:35 – Simple and effective methods to implement automation to your business processes 34:23 – Where to find Scott online Links/resources Scott’s Instagram – Scott’s podcast – Zapier – Phrase Express –

Ep 63 – Rick Cesari – $1B Brand Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing can be a minefield, especially for newcomers. Without knowledge of what to shoot for, you can deplete your bankroll real fast with botched video advertisement implementation. Video marketing expert Rick Cesari joins us today to help us defuse some of those mines commonly stumbled onto in the field. 1:28 – Video’s position in advertising today 4:32 – Specifics of Content Samurai 5:41 – What type of videos should Amazon sellers be focusing to practically promote their business? 8:21 – The importance of text captions 12:28 – Creating video content with a specific objective 21.24 – Tips for making videos more engaging 26:23 – Good books and resources to solidify your marketing fundamentals 31:17 – Methods for getting more value out of one video 32:59 – Best platform (after Amazon) to focus on video marketing for 36:11 – Rick’s new book, Video Persuasion Links/Resources: Do you want to learn more about how video marketing can work for you? You can check it out here – Video Persuasion book – Content Samurai –

Amazon Wholesale Products to Sell for Profit – Dan Meadors Full Strategy 2020 – Actualize Freedom Podcast

Selling wholesale on amazon is a much simpler model than private label, so many Amazon sellers are adding to their arsenal. Dan Meadors has sold more than $10 million online, but it took him years of trial and error to figure out which products to sell on Amazon. After trying what the Amazon wholesale gurus were teaching with little success, he started seeing success with the opposite! After he found the wholesale formula he began systematizing and hiring so he could find new wholesale products to sell on Amazon and create relationships with brands to sell their products long term. In this Actualize Freedom Podcast interview, host Danny Carlson dives into the world of amazon wholesale products, which wholesale items to sell on Amazon, and what kind of strategy you need for Amazon wholesale strategy in 2020. Dan’s Links: Wholesale Formula Webinar Show Notes 1:06 – How Dan was forced to start his business 17:03 – Providing potential clients value before they commit 21:28 – How Dan learned to systematize his business 25:26 Dan’s day to day activity in his business 26:55 – What you need to get started in wholesale 31:14 – Profit margins a wholesaler should be looking for in a wholesale product 32:41 – Finding the right products for wholesaling and creating relationships with suppliers 37:55 – Where to find Dan online Links/resources Dan’s website – Special page for Actualize Freedom audience –

Ep 61 – Steven Black – Amazon Marketing Secrets 2019

Today we interview Steven Black, a seasoned Amazon guru with a different perspective than most experts out there today. Steven tells us all about how he gets so much done, the methods he employs to achieve success and where he finds all the time to do it all. This one is absolutely jammed with gold nuggets, so be sure to tune in! 1:53 – Time management 9:13 – Aspect of marketing most people ignore that they shouldn’t 11:44 – Growing an audience 19:52 – How to begin growing your audience 32:29 – Facilitating a successful product launch on Amazon 39:18 – Advice for people who feel overwhelmed by all the steps one needs to take to achieve success on amazon 44:44 – Where to find Steven online Links/Resources Unstoppable FBA webpage – Unstoppable FBA Facebook group – Steven’s official Facebook page – Clockwork book –

Ep 60 – Liran Hirschkorn – Amazon with 11 Years Marketing Wisdom

Amazon external marketing strategist and mindset development expert Liran Hirschkorn joins us today do delve deep into the mysterious depths of external marketing in ecommerce. Laran goes into the crucial details about how to run an effective marketing campaign from the ground up, as well as attaining a successful mindset. If you’re looking to boost your revenue by getting the good word of your product into the public eye, you’d be remiss to miss this one! 1:00 – Changes in ecommerce over the last 11 years 4:37 – The importance of marketing skillsets today 7:15 – Have a good criteria for product selection 14:15 – After you select a product, how should you proceed with marketing? 19:09 – Second step of an effective ad strategy 21:30 – Other external marketing strategies to focus on 23:55 – Setting up an ad campaign 29:27 – Developing a mindset for success 36:17 – Where to find Liran online Links/Resources The Amazon Seller Podcast – Liran’s Facebook – Impact Theory –

Ep 59 – Henson Wu – White Hat Amazon Reviews

Ecommerce veteran and expert Henson Wu joins us today on the Actualize Freedom Podcast. Henson delves deep into the hot topic that is Amazon reviews and details what we can do to influence this crucial component of our businesses to our benefit. Whether or not you sell on Amazon, Henson delivers spot-on tips that apply to ecommerce across the board, so this is not one to miss! 1:01 – The early days of ecommerce 3:54 – Post “wild west” ecommerce 8:51 – Top 3 methods of collecting more positive reviews on Amazon 11:51 – White hat methods for soliciting reviews 18:55 – Effective subject lines for emails for eliciting feedback 20:47 – Methods for mitigating negative reviews 28:17 – Important aspects of your business you should stay current with 33:41 – Where to find Henson online Links/Resources Henson’s website –

Ep 57 – Shawn Michael – $10 Million Goal & the Mindset to Get There

Veteran of all things Amazon Shawn Michael joins us today as we delve into the ever-crucial mindset necessary in order to tackle the broader aspects of being an Amazon business runner as well as the integral minutiae involved. Hard work and failure is essential for long term success. Join us today as we discuss the mind frames that will virtually guarantee your goals will be reached. 0:54 – Evolution of Shawn’s Amazon career. 3:35 – Mindset required to create functional/logical systems in regards to outsourcing and making sure things get done. 8:43 – Mindset fundamentals for success. 14:42 – Keeping emotions out of business decisions. 22:30 – Efficiency in business. 27:53 – Systems for maintaining mental balance. 29:20 – Sticking to long term plans. 34:30 – The importance of setting goals. 39:02 – The process of bringing new products to the market. 45:19 – Where to find Shawn online. Links Shawn’s Facebook page –

Ep 56 – Chris Rawlings – Mental Roller Coaster Raising $4.5 Million

Scientist turned Amazon seller manager and tech innovator Chris Rawlings joins us today to share his unique story and invaluable experiences. Between monitoring the performance of small, midsize and large companies and technological innovations, we’re lucky Chris found the time to feature on Actualize Freedom and share his indispensable insights with us and our listeners! 2:15 – The story of Chris’s tech startup Judolaunch. 4:51 – Setbacks Chris endured after venture funding and what he’s learned from them. 14:32 – Difference between key performance indicators (KPIs) in larger businesses versus smaller businesses. 19:51 – The KPIs new sellers and smaller businesses should be aware and keep track of. 22:09 – Troubleshooting KPIs. 27:33 – How Chris found investors for his international tech startup Judolaunch and the world’s first equity-backed security token, 22x. 34:54 – Stress management in tech startups. 39:18 – Chris’s predictions for near future changes and trends in Amazon. 49:03 – Where to find Chris online.   Links: Judolaunch – 22x security token – Chris’s Instagram – Seller Jams Podcast –

Ep 55 – Brandon Buckner – Amazon FBA + Google Ads & External Traffic

Amazon external traffic expert and self-proclaimed marketing nerd Brandon Buckner joins us today to offer valuable insight into relevant topics such as Google Ads and how Amazon sellers can optimize their revenue using various advertising methods. Brandon discusses effective cutting edge methods to manage sales campaigns and funnels that are crushing it with current algorithms. New and seasoned sellers alike are sure to get value out of this value-packed interview!  1:16 – Brandon’s background with Amazon.    4:50 – How difficult will it be for a beginner to set up a proper Google Ads campaign?   6:13 – What strategies is Brandon using for his Google Ads campaigns?    10:08 – Key elements of creating an optimized storefront for sales.   13:20 – What strategies are working well recently with Facebook Ads?   17:26 – How does Brandon construct his sales funnel after potential clients see video ads?   21:00 – Effective ways of using Facebook Messenger for sales.    23:32 – The importance of strategy vs creativity in sales.   28:06 – More successful sales strategies.   32:20 – Is there software that allows tracking conversions from Google Ads to Amazon?   34:04 – Is Brandon seeing good results with Youtube ad funnels?   35:11 – What is Google Shopping?   37:13 – Brandon’s recommendations for diversifying advertising platforms.   40:21 – Where to find Brandon online. Links/Resources   Brandon’s advertisement optimization business – Brandon’s email –

Ep 54 – Troy Johnston – Systems Thinking, Keyword Mastery, & ManyChat

Mastermind behind FBA Kings Facebook group and the application Troy Johnston joins us today on Actualize Freedom. Troy’s experience and knowledge of keyword implementation as well as Amazon’s inner workings and procedures will lend an auspicious helping hand to new and experienced sellers alike. 1:30 – What should new sellers focus on when launching new products?   2:49 – Core fundamentals for launching products.   5:19 – Underutilized ways for identifying pertinent keywords.   7:50 – Methods for coming up with ‘blue ocean’ keywords.    12:09 – Ranking for ‘blue ocean’ or ‘long tail’ keywords.    15:42 – When to use Manychat.    22:17 – Key methods of system syncing for Amazon sellers.    25:06 – Troy’s methods for creating operating procedures.    27:43 – A complex process Troy was able to standardize in an SOP.   31:49 – Troy’s educated predictions for changes in the Amazon platform in the near future.   38:01 – Where to find Troy online.  Links/Resources   FBA Kings Facebook group – –   Zapier –    Manychat –

Ep 53 – Nick Young – ManyChat, Remote Teams, & Product Launch

Third member and co-mastermind of Seller Tradecraft to be a guest on the Actualize Freedom Podcast Nick Young joins us today to share his wide breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise with running an Amazon business and successfully navigating its many grey areas. This episode contains integral information regarding running a successful Amazon business and is not one to be missed!   1:23 – Finding and launching new products on Amazon. 4:17 – What Amazon can do to detect manipulated giveaways. 6:06 – Rebates on Amazon. 10:24 – Manychat/Facebook Messenger marketing and direct emails. 13:52 – Nick’s Manychat funnel. 17:42 – Targeting/segmenting audiences. 20:28 – Why is Seller Tradecraft’s team composed almost entirely of outsourced talent? 24:40 – What Nick looks for when hiring new outsourced workers. 27:02 – Diversifying your talent pool when hiring workers. 29:50 – Relying on instinct vs logic when making business decisions. 32:04 – Contemporary traits which separate failing business from successful ones. 35:48 – Where to find Nick online? Links   Seller Tradecraft website – Seller Tradecraft Facebook page – Seller Tradecraft Youtube channel – Nick’s Email –

Ep 52 – Adam Hudson – Developing Unique Products with the Amazon Polymath

Multiple 8 figure business owner and business coach Adam Hudson joins us today as we delve into the multiple angles within Amazon with his unique and comprehensive perspective. Adam details the mindset necessary to keep unique, innovative and interesting products on the market and how to effectively implement market segmentation. This interview is a must for any new or aspiring sellers who are looking to tap into the profitable markets less sought-after!   1:42 – Pivotal moments in Adam’s career. 4:58 – The process of creating unique products for the Amazon marketplace. 9:24 – Balancing time and budget. 12:53 – Indicators for products or product areas which are ripe for modernization/innovation. 16:27 – Developing niche products for boring or “unxexy” yet profitable markets. 20:44 – Finding the proper balance between shooting hard for the first sale and protecting your product and capital. 23:48 – Cost effective methods to differentiate your product from the current market. 29:51 – Other methods of product differentiation. 34:09 – Important ways entrepreneurs need to grow as entrepreneurs in order to grow their businesses. 38:05 – One final resource/piece of advice. 40:47 – Where to find Adam online.

51 – Coran Woodmass – Get Higher Multiples When Selling

We all know that creating an Amazon business presents a long list of challenges. What many sellers don’t know is that if you already have an Amazon FBA business and are looking to sell, it’s not exactly like selling a car or a set of vintage baseball cards. Coran Woodmass specializes in selling this type of business and is fully aware and highly experienced in the ins and outs of the process. If you’re looking to sell your Amazon FBA business, this is the episode for you!   1:10 – Coran’s podcast. 1:50 – Why some of Coran’s clients did not want to sell. 5:37 – Range and factors that influence sellers to sell or keep their business. 11:21 – Criteria for what gives a good multiple. 14:15 – Other factors that go into a seller’s decision to sell or keep. 18:11 – Selling a portion of your business vs selling the whole thing. 21:08 – Deal breakers that greatly devalue businesses. 24:28 – Examples of successful diversification. 26:48 – The importance of standard operating procedures and precise financials when selling a business. 31:49 – Example of a business that was ready to sell but had a skeleton in the closet. 33:40 – Where to find Coran online.

Ep 50 – Lesley Hensell – Suspension Prevention 2019

Over time, Amazon terms of use and service have become more stringent, and in some cases, fairly obfuscated. Some of these evolving rules and regulations can sometimes become hard to keep up with and easy to forget. Today’s guest, Lensley Hensell specializes in conformance to these guidelines, resolving suspensions and keeping Amazon seller accounts healthy and active at all times. She has helped to recover and keep safe thousands of seller accounts. Let her knowledge and experience keep your seller page compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.   1:14 – The mindset to overcome an Amazon suspension. 5:49 – Primary/secondary Amazon accounts and suspensions. 8:25 – Amazon suspensions related to Amazon BSR and promotion manipulation. 10:34 – The language involved in terms of rebates and Amazon TOS. 16:09 – Intentionally directing customers to favorable places to the seller. 17:48 – How Amazon makes calls on what is manipulation and what isn’t. 20:43 – The controversial “Super URL” in 2019. 22:41 – Search and browse violations. 24:56 – Can Amazon detect “search find buy” techniques? 27:05 – Can Amazon detect copy/pasted reviews? 28:46 – The top 3 reasons Amazon sellers are getting suspended today. 35:02 – Amazon customer service. 40:05 – Where to find Lesley online.

Ep 49 – Fernando Cruz – 8 Figure Product Research, Launch, & Scale

Starting an Amazon business is often daunting, presenting tasks and learning curves which may seem insurmountable, scaring many new sellers off. Of the ones that make it through that initial stage, most don’t realize the brand new set of tasks and learning curves that come with substantial growth. Join us today with 8-figure Amazon seller Fernando Cruz as he details his Amazon journey, particularly after the growth phase. His vast experience easily can save you innumerable amounts of time and headaches! 2:20 – How does an 8-figure seller conduct product research? 6:12 – Coordinating proper margin calculation. 8:46 – What product launch methods are most effective with current Amazon algorithms and protocols? 10:30 – How Fernando is managing product rebates. 12:18 – Calculating rebates versus discounts/giveaways. 14:46 – Fernando’s strategy for managing inventory. 17:34 – Strategies for effectively outsourcing employees. 26:14 – How Fernando communicates with his team of outsourced help. 29:44 – In what ways has Manychat benefited Fernando’s business? 31:14 – What does a typical work day for Fernando look like? 33:07 – Fernando’s predictions for Amazon ecommerce for the next year. 36:24 – 38:35 – Where to find Fernando online.

Ep 48 – Liz Adamson – Amazon Ads Strategies for 2019

Every product or service requires a unique advertising plan and method of execution. Additionally, each of these plans needs to be updated and tweaked as time goes on and the Amazon climate continues to evolve. These processes can be overwhelming even for seasoned sellers. Take this opportunity to let Amazon Ads expert Liz Adamson’s knowledge and experience help you get your business that crucial boost in exposure to make your products and services thrive!   1:12 – New additions to the Amazon Ads platform. 2:26 – Who has access to these new additions? 3:36 – Other additions that may not be available to everyone yet. 7:29 – Targeted advertising. 8:24 – Can you see if your competitors are using programmatic display ads? 9:31 – Having your ads show up on specific ASINs. 16:56 – Is it always best practice to target your “weakest” competitor? 21:18 – Sponsored products/keyword advertisement best practices in 2019. 25:13 – Tools and methods Liz recommends for keyword research. 26:28 – Recommendations for methods on bid adjustments. 28:49 – Does Liz use software for programmatic bid adjustments? 31:26 – Which bid adjustment software(s) does Liz use, and what are the specific inputs placed into the software? 35:16 – How does Liz keep track of all the details of her advertising campaigns? 37:19 – What type of mindset and procedures does Liz use to keep up testing and tweaking her ad campaigns? 39:27 – Where to find Liz online.

Ep 47 – Brittany Brown – Profit Killing Mistakes FBA Sellers Make

Many new or aspiring Amazon sellers aren’t aware of the integral number crunches that are so essential to a successful business. Let Brittany’s expertise give you a head start on those unsexy yet crucial bureaucratic elements of running your Amazon business. 1:39 – Quantifying and designating funds properly on Amazon. 6:56 – Recognizing the bigger picture of your profits and expenses. 11:11 – Accounting tips for new or newer sellers. 13:59 – Cash flow management and sales projections. 18:08 – Time/inventory management for spreadsheet beginners and intermediates. 23:21 – Recording and reporting revenue properly/dodging the long reach of the IRS. 28:28 – The murky waters of cross-territory sales taxes. 34:08 – The cost of tax registration across multiple states, and what Brittany recommends as the minimum threshold for reporting revenue across those individual states. 38:05 – Where to find Brittany online.

Ep 46 – Alex Huditan – 5-to-the-Power-of-5 Method for 7 Figures

In this episode we interview 7 figure Amazon seller and digital nomad Alex Huditan. Alex shares in depth details about his methods to success as well as some important lessons he’s learned in this past 5 years. The present operations climate at Amazon is not very user friendly for newcomers. Let Alex’s experience and expertise help you put your new business on the right path. 1:50 – Alex’s experience getting into Amazon sales 5 years ago 3:46 – Things Alex did to properly build up his business to where it is today 6:22 – How Alex handled product pictures on Amazon? 8:02 – Alex’s view on not-entirely-honest tactics to get good reviews 11:04 – One more integral thing Alex did to contribute to his business’ growth 12:35 – How Alex dealt with handing over management responsibilities for his company 15:37 – How Alex decided on a work/life balance which fit both his ambitions and desire for personal time 17:40 – A mistake Alex made with his business that made for an invaluable learning experience 20:48 – Mistakes Alex made in the product ranking/product launch categories 23:39 – Present trends in Amazon that cause sellers to struggle 28:17 – Power of the long term mindset 29:44 – Alex’s latest project 33:36 – Where to find Alex online

Ep 45 – Casey Gauss – Data Backed Ranking & Suspension TRUTH

Young entrepreneur Casey Gauss shares his in-depth knowledge about the micro and macro data operations on Amazon. As founder and CEO of Viral Launch, a company aimed at providing entrepreneurs with the insight, tools, and partnerships needed for lasting success, Casey often launches hundreds of products daily. Take this opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced Amazon gurus out there today! 1:46 – Casey’s experience transitioning from a small company into large business 2:51 – Casey’s Youtube channel 4:01 – Witnessing large scale Amazon changes from the inside 11:37 – What precautions should new Amazon sellers take in regards to promotions? 15:25 – What to expect running a new PPC campaign 20:20 – How long does it reasonably take to get a profitable campaign set up? 22.40 – Amazon PPC metrics 26:26 – The effects of black hat tactics on conversion rates 28:08 – Casey’s predictions for near-future changes on Amazon 35:26 – Are there ways to elicit positive reviews within Amazon’s terms of use? 40:00 – Where to find Casey online

Ep 44 – Aron Raduly – Systems that Protect Amazon Businesses

In this interview we discuss the unique entrepreneurial journey of successful Amazon seller and software developer Aron Raduly. Aron details the story of his multi-faceted business ventures, provides tips to avoid pitfalls and his experience dealing with the problems that invariably arise. Take advantage of the expertise of someone who has been there/done that!   0:32 – Why/how did Aron sell his first business on the Empire Flippers marketplace.   7:18 – What was Aron’s next business step after selling his Empire Flippers business?   15:12 – Why do some people become complacent and even lazy after they’ve reached a certain level of success, and what are the potential consequences?   19:32 – What are the most important things for an Amazon seller to be monitoring, and what is the proper procedure on how should they go about monitoring them?   30:41 – Aron’s advice for new Amazon sellors.   34:59 – Where to find Aron online

Ep 43 – Ryan Rigney – Facebook Ads & Manychat for Reviews & Launch

Contemporary online ads expert Ryan Rigney shares his vast experience in external advertising for Amazon products. Ryan offers in-depth detail regarding the immense opportunity found in Facebook Messenger campaigns and Facebook ads. Other exciting topics discussed include implementing successful launch strategies, focus on reviews, best practices and risky endeavors in today’s digital climate.    1:15: How Ryan became an Amazon external ads expert. 5:21: The process of learning to use Facebook Messenger and Facebook advertisements to enhance Amazon sales. 7:50: Ryan’s recommendation for a single source to best generate traffic to Amazon. 10:24: Good strategies for promoting larger, higher priced items on Facebook ads. 16:41: What is the minimum timespan to allow Facebook ads to implement the proper algorithm for your ads? 18:13: Ryan’s preferred strategy to use Messenger and Facebook ads to get more reviews on Amazon. 20:12: Why does Ryan give away items that are not incentivized? 24:12: Ryan’s take on “black hat” incentivized review campaigns. 25:57: How does Ryan build and nurture audiences to create longer term seller/customer relationships? 29:52: How often and for what reasons does Ryan send out new messages to his subscribers? 33:19: Ryan’s recommendations for how to begin learning about setting up ad campaigns. 35:40: Ryan’s predictions for emerging trends and techniques for Amazon sellers in the future.

Ep 42 – Jeremy Sherk – Life of an 8 Figure Seller

Amazon superstar and guru of supplement sales Jeremy Sherk stars in this first-ever return appearance on Actualize Freedom! Get the inside information about what has changed since his last interview in terms of approach, distribution, marketing strategy, psychology of business and much more.   1:58: The Amazon review purge. 4:30: The correlation between the amount of reviews and sales on Amazon. 6:41: How Jeremy dealt with the review purge psychologically and proactively. 10:00: How has Jeremy changed his distribution strategy since he was last on Actualize Freedom? 12:40: Jeremy’s unique approach to supplement sales. 17:20: Jeremy’s day-to-day strategic approach. 19:53: The importance of personal care. 23:02: What are the indicators of burnout for Jeremy and what preemptive action does he take when the indicators show themselves? 26:22: Details about Jeremy’s new podcast and his motivations for doing it. 29:52: Has Jeremy had any business epiphanies since our last chat? 36:31: Jeremy’s view on Messenger marketing. 38:32: Messenger or email – which is more effective right now? 41:00: Parting words/advice. 43:51: Where to find Jeremy online.

Ep 41 – Ben Obrien – Become a Traveling Entrepreneur

Amazon entrepreneur, family man and digital nomad Ben Obrian shares the secrets which earned him freedom from his mundane day job! In this interview Ben details the hours he worked at different periods in his business as well as the processes, steps and decisions he made throughout his entrepreneurial career. Let Ben guide you to attaining financial freedom with Amazon and drop that 9 to 5!    00:28: How did Ben initially discover Amazon? 2:10: How many hours was Ben spending on his business at the beginning stages? 4:44: Ben’s current situation and plans for traveling the world with his wife and young child. 8:01: Hours Ben works on his Amazon business during the busy season as compared to “relaxed periods”. 10:14: What was Ben’s process for deciding on the first product to sell on Amazon? 15:41: Details about Ben’s Kickstarter campaign. 17:51: The manufacturing and scaling process. 25:10: What Ben wishes he was told when he first started. 28:35: Ben’s main focus for advertisement. 30:01: Ben’s plans for the future of his business ventures. 32:43: Ben’s current travel plans. 34.29: In today’s business climate, what products would Ben pursue and which ones would he avoid? 36:43: How to find Ben online.

Ep 40 Eric Dahl – Doing the Opposite of Gurus

QUOTES: “I eventually found this Amazon FBA model which made just so much sense to me because I could see the value of the tangible products, I didn’t need to build trust with the customer, I didn’t need to do anything but create a better widget and present it to the customer base and they would react with hopefully, sales.” “At the beginning stages of your journey, I highly recommend spending 3-4 hours a day, as much as you can , listening to as many different podcasts, youtube or if you’re able to buy a course for whatever it can cost you because saving time in the long run will save you a lot of money.” “If you want to expand a business, it really really takes a lot of cash and so you need to be very cognizant of what your goals are if you’re going into a product.” “I’m looking for at least 100% ROI, the reason for that is if you go under a 100% ROI, it means that in order to double your inventory, you need to add more capital and so that’s not a great thing.” “My mindset is always find the best products on the market that currently exist and read the reviews, see what people really really want and find a way to add to that value.” ————— SUMMARY In this episode of Actualize Freedom podcast, Danny goes live in Canggu, Bali with Eric Dahl. Eric has built a multimillion Amazon business that is built off the opposite of what the industry ‘gurus’ preach. Erik expounds on the market that he went after, the pitfalls and hurdles involved in pursuing this business. He shares some advice on how to start one’s business journey as well as valuable tips on cost saving, product sourcing and handling, and other nuances that should be considered in running the business. ————— HIGHLIGHTS 1:16 Eric’s background and how he ended up in Bali 3:33 Examples of Eric’s decisions that go against the grain 11:10 Eric talks about his market pricing and product research 16:53 Eric shares some approaches on how he runs his business 19:22 Shipping 23:08 Strategy recommendations for anyone starting out ————— RESOURCES Actualize Freedom 1 40 Shownotes.txt Displaying Actualize Freedom 1 40 Shownotes.txt.

Ep 39 – Nate Ginsberg – The Unsexy Drivers of Amazon FBA Success

Successful Amazon entrepreneur Nate Ginsberg details how he built his business from the ground up. He covers a wide scope of pertinent subjects ranging from vetting employees, marketing, finance management, logistics, the psychological aspect of building and running a business and the importance of enjoying what you do.    2:10: Nate’s first Amazon business. 4:17: The influential effects of being around other Amazon sellers. 6:46: What prompted Nate to sell his business? 14:18: How did Nate decide on the next step? 20:51: The process of identifying Nate’s unique ability. 26:01: Hiring and inspiring the right team. 32:27: Practical and/or subtle things Nate does to foster inspiration in employees. 44:10: Incorporating the correct systems and structures into the business’ foundation. 47:10: Where to find Nate online.    

Ep 38 – Mario Milanovic – Law of Attraction to Multi Million MONTHS

We’re shaking things up a bit! Instead of having a single specific focus, we’re taking a walk through the multi-faceted business history of Mario Milanovic. Let Mario share the vast knowledge he has accumulated along the way and motivate you to not only be your best, but to lead the life you want to lead!    1:24: Why did Mario decide to stay in Belgrade, Serbia? 7:40: How does mindset change and meditation shape business approach? 9:11: How Mario’s wares placed #1 and #2 for kitchen products on Amazon. 12:53: Mario’s Amazon Vendor Central experience. 15:05: What is Mario’s current primary focus in business? 19:09: How long did it take for Mario to create a very unique product in the food industry? 20:48: The story of Mario’s affiliate marketing business. 26:29: Mario’s level of satisfaction with his business endeavors, then and now. 27:51: The effects on ego from the ups and downs of running businesses. 31:29: The importance of mindfulness in business. 35:04: The caveats of working with large amounts of outsourced employees. 37:47: How Mario chooses which opportunities to pursue. 45:58: Where can you reach out to and follow Mario online?

Ep 37 – Michelle Smith – Messenger Marketing for Amazon FBA

Come get a brain pick with Messenger marketing guru Michelle Smith! Delve into expert planning and strategy, gain foreknowledge of pitfalls to avoid and get a head start on turning your prospects into conversions in this info-rich episode!    3:16: How to properly build a messenger list 9:21: How Michelle sets up her infrastructure 11:31: Strategy for Amazon sellers 14:51: Typical timeframe to start seeing results 17:48: How long is the recommended nurture period? 28:38: What is the best way to utilize Messenger marketing to increase Amazon reviews? 39:31: Info about Michelle’s webinar 40:59: How to find Michelle online

Ep 36 – Jake Barefoot – Hiring in the Philippines

Outsourcing specialist Jake Barefoot details the opportunities, obstacles, tips and best practices of hiring abroad: particularly in the Philippines. The experience Jake shares in this episode is sure to help you vet auspicious remote working relationships!   1:33 – How Jake came to be an expert in Filipino/overseas outsourcing 5:04 – What are the current roles of Jake’s employees in Cebu? 6:19 – Cost savings from outsourcing work to the Philippines 8:31 – The challenges/caveats of having overseas employees 13:25 – The vetting process for overseas employees 18:00 – Mistakes Jake made while hiring overseas 21:10 – The importance of communication with and by employees 26:03 – Advice for hiring abroad 30:18 – Where to find Jake online

23: Daniel DiPiazza | Make Life & Business a Game You Cannot Lose | Interview

Daniel DiPiazza is a best-selling author whose content has a monthly reach of more than 500,000 viewers and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fortune and Time. After quitting his job at Longhorn Steakhouse in 2011, he began a serial entrepreneur streak growing multiple six-figure service businesses.

22: Interview With Ryan Peck

Ryan shows us how to create the sales email that eventually landed him his incredibly powerful partnership with Amazon. His sales email included 32 steps which may seem a tad excessive but if you look at the upside Ryan walked away with, it is well worth your time and attention to learn how to write sales emails like he does.

21: Understanding How To Never Be Suspended From Amazon with Ed Rosenberg

Navigating an Amazon suspension can be on of the worst things an Amazon seller has to deal with. Because it’s such a hot-button issue I wanted to talk to Ed Rosenberg of Amazon Sellers Group TG. He consults with some of the top Amazon sellers and is a compliance specialist so he understands how to not get suspended better than anyone in the space.

20: Brian Johnson | Amazon Advertising Update

Amazon Advertising is the new name for all AMZ ad platforms… are they trying to take on Facebook & Google Ads? 😯 I could think of no one better to consult than Brian R Johnson of PPCScope for Amazon Sellers, Sponsored Products Academy, &

19: Manny Coats: Serial Entrepreneur Mindset

Serial entrepreneur of the highest regard, Manny Coats has been involved in successful online marketing and advertising since the 90’s. Through perseverance and hard work, he is now running multiple 7-figure businesses; from PC games to mobile applications and now Amazon software. He is the CEO and founder of Helium 10, a software suite that helps drive the success of many Amazon seller businesses, including his own. You can follow him at AM/PM Podcast on YouTube.

17: Interview With Jeremy Sherk

Jeremy’s journey is an inspiring one… He started off with initial success as a digital nomad travelling the world with his laptop, only to realize it wasn’t what he wanted. Through a leap of faith & series of good moves, Jeremy founded Nested Naturals with co-founder Kevin Pasco and has grown the company to 8 figures and a team of 18 (and growing!).

15: Adi Gullia Interview: 7 Figure Amazon FBA Seller

Adi Gullia is a serial entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada who’s founded multiple e-commerce brands, especially on Amazon FBA He currently does high 7 figures in annual sales & even showed up on Dragon’s Den where he received an offer for his brand Grace & Stella Co.

14: Advanced PPC with Danny & Mike Zigare

Mike Zigare is a co-founder of PPC Entourage & also a 7 figure Amazon Seller. In this episode he shares his insights from both his own selling experience a well as through helping hundreds of Amazon FBA sellers with pay per click. PPC Entourage software can help simplify your PPC management on Amazon, but Mike goes deep into some more advanced tactics in this episode.

13: Wilsons 400K Story

• 01:38 – What happened when CRA contacted Wilson? • 13:35 – Setting up a business everything right from the start is a must. • 14:14 – The importance to understand the language of bookkeeping. • 19:37 – Having a super clean book can put you in a position to sell your business if you’re trying to exit. • 25:21 – The main benefits of having a corporation as opposed to just doing it on your own personal bank accounts. • 27:11 – Wilson;s Angry Birds story.. • 31:43 – Action

12: Post-Launch Monitoring

• 00:40 – What is Post Launch Monitoring? • 02:22 – Keyword Rank Monitoring. • 04:01 – Example of a keyword change. • 06:06 – When to do a second launch. • 07:24 – What are Super URLs? • 11:30 – Dealing with / Tactics to get rid of negative reviews. • 13:05 – Danny’s recommendation on how to actually reach out to customers. • 15:22 – Stand Up Desk and tips keeping out with shape, body and health. • 17:43 – Action steps for post launch monitoring.

10: $50K/mth Amazon Account SUSPENDED!

How do you deal with any roadblocks that may come up along your journey to Amazon success? Danny did plenty of research and preparation, which paid off in a big way, as he was quickly making $10,000 a month on Amazon after starting, and that soon soared even higher!

09: Wilson’s $10,000/mth Amazon Sales Journey

One of the most important factors in succeeding with your Amazon business is mindset. The wrong mindset and expectations can cause things to go wrong, and may even lead you to give up on your business far too soon.

08: Rob Schad’s $275,000 in 13 Months Strategy

Rob Schad is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who made $275,000 in just  13 months of selling on Amazon. That includes $130,000 in a single month.  Rob is currently building a digital nomad lifestyle, travelling and staying in different places around the world.  Links:

07: Communication with Alibaba

Whether you are a first-time seller on Amazon or are just now branching out and finding a supplier in China, it is time to develop the skills you need to communicate effectively with your manufacturer. Thinking critically about communication is essential for your profits and your success in online business. This is a time and money investment, but we know it is well worth it.

06: How to Find Your Supplier

This is a very important episode, so pay attention! Now that you’ve chosen a product, it’s time to get connected with the right supplier. Sure, there are domestic suppliers out there in the U.S. and Canada that you could use. For us, we rely on suppliers in China because they are easy to find, have regulated policies, and are generally more cost-effective.

05: Product Research – Part 3: How To Calculate Your Profit

Are you ready to stop wasting time, and start maximizing your energy? Then you are going to need the right tools to help you out. Here at Actualize Freedom, we have gathered all of the best market research tools and hacks so that you can start your new e-commerce business quickly and efficiently. This is Part 3 of our Product Research series. Make sure you have listened to Parts 1 and 2 before moving on!

04: Product Research – Part 2: Competition Analysis

Welcome to Part 2 of our Product Research series. In Episode 3, we shared some of our best practices for beginning Product Research. It is crucial to your success to know your product will be a profitable investment well before you ever post your first listing on Amazon. Do you think you found a product that will allow you to unlock your success? Then now is the time to use what we think is the most underrated tool of Product Research, competition analysis.

03: Product Research – Part 1: How to Find Winning Products

So you are ready to hack your freedom by starting your own business on Amazon. Great! What do you need to do next to ensure your success? The answer is surprisingly simple. Product Research. Doing Product Research is the key to unlocking your success. In fact, 80% of your success on Amazon comes down to research.

02: Making Early Decisions About Selling on Amazon

Welcome to episode 2, and another chance to change your lifestyle and hack your freedom through e-commerce. We are here today to tackle some of the tough questions you are going to face when you begin your online business. What kinds of products should you sell? How about pricing? Are you ready to enter a big market with the “Sharks?” What about that elusive work-life balance? Is your head swimming yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

01: The Future of Online Business

It’s no secret that e-commerce is transforming the way we do business. Brick-and-mortar businesses are closing left and right, and the consumer trends point to more and more money being spent on an online platform. Even industry leaders are suffering because of the online business evolution! So how can you get in on the action? This is the Actualize Freedom Podcast, a no B.S. podcast about how you can change your lifestyle with hard work and an online business.


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