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Ep 56 – Chris Rawlings – Mental Roller Coaster Raising $4.5 Million

Scientist turned Amazon seller manager and tech innovator Chris Rawlings joins us today to share his unique story and invaluable experiences. Between monitoring the performance of small, midsize and large companies and technological innovations, we’re lucky Chris found the time to feature on Actualize Freedom and share his indispensable insights with us and our listeners! 2:15 – The story of Chris’s tech startup Judolaunch. 4:51 – Setbacks Chris endured after venture funding and what he’s learned from them. 14:32 – Difference between key performance indicators (KPIs) in larger businesses versus smaller businesses. 19:51 – The KPIs new sellers and smaller businesses should be aware and keep track of. 22:09 – Troubleshooting KPIs. 27:33 – How Chris found investors for his international tech startup Judolaunch and the world’s first equity-backed security token, 22x. 34:54 – Stress management in tech startups. 39:18 – Chris’s predictions for near future changes and trends in Amazon. 49:03 – Where to find Chris online.   Links: Judolaunch – 22x security token – Chris’s Instagram – Seller Jams Podcast –

Ep 55 – Brandon Buckner – Amazon FBA + Google Ads & External Traffic

Amazon external traffic expert and self-proclaimed marketing nerd Brandon Buckner joins us today to offer valuable insight into relevant topics such as Google Ads and how Amazon sellers can optimize their revenue using various advertising methods. Brandon discusses effective cutting edge methods to manage sales campaigns and funnels that are crushing it with current algorithms. New and seasoned sellers alike are sure to get value out of this value-packed interview!  1:16 – Brandon’s background with Amazon.    4:50 – How difficult will it be for a beginner to set up a proper Google Ads campaign?   6:13 – What strategies is Brandon using for his Google Ads campaigns?    10:08 – Key elements of creating an optimized storefront for sales.   13:20 – What strategies are working well recently with Facebook Ads?   17:26 – How does Brandon construct his sales funnel after potential clients see video ads?   21:00 – Effective ways of using Facebook Messenger for sales.    23:32 – The importance of strategy vs creativity in sales.   28:06 – More successful sales strategies.   32:20 – Is there software that allows tracking conversions from Google Ads to Amazon?   34:04 – Is Brandon seeing good results with Youtube ad funnels?   35:11 – What is Google Shopping?   37:13 – Brandon’s recommendations for diversifying advertising platforms.   40:21 – Where to find Brandon online. Links/Resources   Brandon’s advertisement optimization business – Brandon’s email –

Ep 54 – Troy Johnston – Systems Thinking, Keyword Mastery, & ManyChat

Mastermind behind FBA Kings Facebook group and the application Troy Johnston joins us today on Actualize Freedom. Troy’s experience and knowledge of keyword implementation as well as Amazon’s inner workings and procedures will lend an auspicious helping hand to new and experienced sellers alike. 1:30 – What should new sellers focus on when launching new products?   2:49 – Core fundamentals for launching products.   5:19 – Underutilized ways for identifying pertinent keywords.   7:50 – Methods for coming up with ‘blue ocean’ keywords.    12:09 – Ranking for ‘blue ocean’ or ‘long tail’ keywords.    15:42 – When to use Manychat.    22:17 – Key methods of system syncing for Amazon sellers.    25:06 – Troy’s methods for creating operating procedures.    27:43 – A complex process Troy was able to standardize in an SOP.   31:49 – Troy’s educated predictions for changes in the Amazon platform in the near future.   38:01 – Where to find Troy online.  Links/Resources   FBA Kings Facebook group – –   Zapier –    Manychat –

Ep 53 – Nick Young – ManyChat, Remote Teams, & Product Launch

Third member and co-mastermind of Seller Tradecraft to be a guest on the Actualize Freedom Podcast Nick Young joins us today to share his wide breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise with running an Amazon business and successfully navigating its many grey areas. This episode contains integral information regarding running a successful Amazon business and is not one to be missed!   1:23 – Finding and launching new products on Amazon. 4:17 – What Amazon can do to detect manipulated giveaways. 6:06 – Rebates on Amazon. 10:24 – Manychat/Facebook Messenger marketing and direct emails. 13:52 – Nick’s Manychat funnel. 17:42 – Targeting/segmenting audiences. 20:28 – Why is Seller Tradecraft’s team composed almost entirely of outsourced talent? 24:40 – What Nick looks for when hiring new outsourced workers. 27:02 – Diversifying your talent pool when hiring workers. 29:50 – Relying on instinct vs logic when making business decisions. 32:04 – Contemporary traits which separate failing business from successful ones. 35:48 – Where to find Nick online? Links   Seller Tradecraft website – Seller Tradecraft Facebook page – Seller Tradecraft Youtube channel – Nick’s Email –

Ep 52 – Adam Hudson – Developing Unique Products with the Amazon Polymath

Multiple 8 figure business owner and business coach Adam Hudson joins us today as we delve into the multiple angles within Amazon with his unique and comprehensive perspective. Adam details the mindset necessary to keep unique, innovative and interesting products on the market and how to effectively implement market segmentation. This interview is a must for any new or aspiring sellers who are looking to tap into the profitable markets less sought-after!   1:42 – Pivotal moments in Adam’s career. 4:58 – The process of creating unique products for the Amazon marketplace. 9:24 – Balancing time and budget. 12:53 – Indicators for products or product areas which are ripe for modernization/innovation. 16:27 – Developing niche products for boring or “unxexy” yet profitable markets. 20:44 – Finding the proper balance between shooting hard for the first sale and protecting your product and capital. 23:48 – Cost effective methods to differentiate your product from the current market. 29:51 – Other methods of product differentiation. 34:09 – Important ways entrepreneurs need to grow as entrepreneurs in order to grow their businesses. 38:05 – One final resource/piece of advice. 40:47 – Where to find Adam online.

51 – Coran Woodmass – Get Higher Multiples When Selling

We all know that creating an Amazon business presents a long list of challenges. What many sellers don’t know is that if you already have an Amazon FBA business and are looking to sell, it’s not exactly like selling a car or a set of vintage baseball cards. Coran Woodmass specializes in selling this type of business and is fully aware and highly experienced in the ins and outs of the process. If you’re looking to sell your Amazon FBA business, this is the episode for you!   1:10 – Coran’s podcast. 1:50 – Why some of Coran’s clients did not want to sell. 5:37 – Range and factors that influence sellers to sell or keep their business. 11:21 – Criteria for what gives a good multiple. 14:15 – Other factors that go into a seller’s decision to sell or keep. 18:11 – Selling a portion of your business vs selling the whole thing. 21:08 – Deal breakers that greatly devalue businesses. 24:28 – Examples of successful diversification. 26:48 – The importance of standard operating procedures and precise financials when selling a business. 31:49 – Example of a business that was ready to sell but had a skeleton in the closet. 33:40 – Where to find Coran online.


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