01: The Future of Online Business

It’s no secret that e-commerce is transforming the way we do business. Brick-and-mortar businesses are closing left and right, and the consumer trends point to more and more money being spent on an online platform. Even industry leaders are suffering because of the online business evolution! So how can you get in on the action? This is the Actualize Freedom Podcast, a no B.S. podcast about how you can change your lifestyle with hard work and an online business.

We are your hosts Danny Carlson and Wilson Lee, and today we wanted to talk about the future of business in the online arena. We’ll go beyond the theoretical and get into the practical “gritty” details. Jump in as we discuss why we think Amazon is the best option as a selling platform, and then we’ll give you action steps to take in order to begin your e-commerce venture. This is not another “get rich quick” scheme. This is serious business. Are you ready to begin? 


Show Highlights:

  • We unpack “scalability” and why online business makes that easier. 
  • The huge price benefit of doing business online. 
  • Why Amazon is a good scalable business model. 
  • Amazon fulfillment is a key advantage for online business owners. 
  • Let’s talk about all of those “get rich quick” schemes. 
  • A typical time frame for results in Amazon business. 
  • The dangers of dabbling. It’s time to commit to doing what it takes. 
  • Tangible steps that you can take to get into e-commerce. 




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