07: Communication with Alibaba

Whether you are a first-time seller on Amazon or are just now branching out and finding a supplier in China, it is time to develop the skills you need to communicate effectively with your manufacturer. Thinking critically about communication is essential for your profits and your success in online business. This is a time and money investment, but we know it is well worth it. 


It’s just time to put on your human decency and do the diligence that is due. You are not working with a computer; there is a real human on the other end of the Alibaba messenger. We want you to have an efficient and effective means of communication so that you can get to production quickly. 


We have generated a list of sample questions and laid out the best framework to help you communicate with suppliers in China. Avoid the most common pitfalls and eliminate frustration from your vocabulary with a few easy to execute strategies. Learn the skills that will allow you to communicate effectively with suppliers, and you will end up saving so much money and time. Take it from our experience and mistakes, there is a way to make the communication process painless and effective.


Show Highlights:

  • A few guidelines to get you started. 
  • Wilson’s sample questions to save you time. 
  • Make sure you find out the lead time. 
  • Check out the samples, and show that you are serious. 
  • Compare suppliers side-by-side. 
  • Cutting down communication time can save you money. 
  • Straightforward communication on both ends is essential. 
  • Red flags for suppliers. 
  • Number your questions and use pictures. 
  • Questions for evaluating samples. 
  • Strategies for working out shipping. 
  • Common pitfalls that new sellers need to understand. 







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