08: Rob Schad’s $275,000 in 13 Months Strategy


Rob Schad is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who made $275,000 in just  13 months of selling on Amazon. That includes $130,000 in a single month.  Rob is currently building a digital nomad lifestyle, travelling and staying in different places around the world. 

Hear why a smart kid with a college scholarship decided to opt out and start a business instead, a move that paid off!

Topics include:

  • Why Rob decided to start a business rather than go to college
  • Balancing work and play
  • How much money Rob invested for his first Amazon product
  • Rob’s unsuccessful second product and the lessons learned
  • The launch strategy Rob used for his first product and his current launch strategy
  • Why Rob wants to sell his business
  • Advice for first-time Amazon sellers

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Rob’s Twitter https://twitter.com/robbyyschad

Rob’s Medium https://medium.com/@robschad 

Rob’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/robbyschad 

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