09: Wilson’s $10,000/mth Amazon Sales Journey


One of the most important factors in succeeding with your Amazon business is mindset. The wrong mindset and expectations can cause things to go wrong, and may even lead you to give up on your business far too soon.

As Wilson reflects on his early days as an Amazon seller, you’ll hear about tons of mistakes that are common with new sellers. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be that much farther ahead while starting your Amazon business. Whether it’s cutting corners for short-term savings that affect your business in the long run, starting at the wrong time of the year, or not taking the proper steps when sourcing products, you need to hear this episode before spending another second on your business!

Show Highlights:

  • The mindset shift that allows Wilson to make $10k a month selling on Amazon.
  • Common beginner questions he had, such as: What is eCommerce? What is selling on Amazon? What is a PPC campaign? What is optimization?
  • How to deal with suppliers, sourcing products, and samples. Should you visit the supplier in person?
  • The scalability of eCommerce vs other businesses.
  • Common, easily avoidable mistakes of new sellers.
  • How cutting corners can have unintended long-term effects.
  • The importance of a proper mindset.