10: $50K/mth Amazon Account SUSPENDED!

How do you deal with any roadblocks that may come up along your journey to Amazon success? Danny did plenty of research and preparation, which paid off in a big way, as he was quickly making $10,000 a month on Amazon after starting, and that soon soared even higher!

However, an unexpected problem brought Danny’s success to a screeching halt, and he questioned whether or not his eCommerce business would be over for good. His 5-figure Amazon account was suspended, cutting off his source of income, and destroying what he’d worked so hard to create.

In this episode, Danny shares the story of transitioning from being a carpenter to selling online, the innocent mistake he made that led to his Amazon account being suspended, and how he picked up the pieces and carried on.


Show Highlights:

  • How Danny moved from a blue collar job to selling online
  • Is a 4-hour work week really a realistic expectation?
  • Why Danny chose Amazon over other eCommerce options
  • Choosing winning products
  • Having a 5-figure Amazon account suspended
  • Avoiding trademark infringements and Amazon rule violations
  • What to do if your Amazon account becomes suspended.