13: Wilsons 400K Story

In this episode Wilson will be sharing his 400k core story and why you should start a company with an LLC or Inc.:

Time-Stamped Show Notes: • 01:38 – What happened when CRA contacted Wilson? • 13:35 – Lessons learned and why setting up a business everything right from the start is a must. • 14:14 – Why is it important to understand the language of bookkeeping. • 19:37 – Having a super clean book and accounting can put you in a position to sell your business if you’re trying to exit. • 25:21 – The main benefits of having a corporation as opposed to just doing it on your own personal bank accounts. • 27:11 – Wilson;s Angry Birds story.. • 31:43 – Action steps for the audience.

Resources from This Interview: • https://quickbooks.intuit.com/