5-to-the-Power-of-5 Method for 7 Figures with Alex Huditan

  • 1:50 - Alex’s experience getting into Amazon sales 5 years ago
  • 3:46 - Things Alex did to properly build up his business to where it is today
  • 6:22 - How Alex handled product pictures on Amazon?
  • 8:02 - Alex’s view on not-entirely-honest tactics to get good reviews
  • 11:04 - One more integral thing Alex did to contribute to his business’ growth
  • 12:35 - How Alex dealt with handing over management responsibilities for his company
  • 15:37 - How Alex decided on a work/life balance which fit both his ambitions and desire for personal time
  • 17:40 - A mistake Alex made with his business that made for an invaluable learning experience
  • 20:48 - Mistakes Alex made in the product ranking/product launch categories
  • 23:39 - Present trends in Amazon that cause sellers to struggle
  • 28:17 - Power of the long term mindset
  • 29:44 - Alex’s latest project
  • 33:36 - Where to find Alex online

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