51 – Coran Woodmass – Get Higher Multiples When Selling

We all know that creating an Amazon business presents a long list of challenges. What many sellers don’t know is that if you already have an Amazon FBA business and are looking to sell, it’s not exactly like selling a car or a set of vintage baseball cards. Coran Woodmass specializes in selling this type of business and is fully aware and highly experienced in the ins and outs of the process. If you’re looking to sell your Amazon FBA business, this is the episode for you!


1:10 – Coran’s podcast.

1:50 – Why some of Coran’s clients did not want to sell.

5:37 – Range and factors that influence sellers to sell or keep their business.

11:21 – Criteria for what gives a good multiple.

14:15 – Other factors that go into a seller’s decision to sell or keep.

18:11 – Selling a portion of your business vs selling the whole thing.

21:08 – Deal breakers that greatly devalue businesses.

24:28 – Examples of successful diversification.

26:48 – The importance of standard operating procedures and precise financials when selling a business.

31:49 – Example of a business that was ready to sell but had a skeleton in the closet.

33:40 – Where to find Coran online.


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