Changes To Buy Seller Messages and E-commerce Business Tips with Tygh Walters & Michael Melgar

Getting reviews for your Amazon products is getting more and more difficult, & techniques evolve.

Gone are the days when you could buy Amazon reviews through shady Amazon review sites and get away with it. White hat is the way to go!

Michael Melgar and Tygh Walters have an e-commerce customer service company Seller Smile. Their team manages reviews and feedback for large brands, and they're always up to date with changes in Amazon's TOS policies.

A recent change is Amazon has been more hesitant to remove neutral or negative seller feedback. It used to be easy to request feedback removal when it's clearly a product review, not seller feedback, but now it's hit or miss.

It's now recommended to continue opening cases at least 3 times before giving up.

Amazon buyer-seller messaging has tightened in recent years as well, with many sellers removing themselves from everything but essential order update emails, meaning they will not receive your review request email.

This means that excellent customer service is more important now then ever to keep your reviews coming in, and stop the negative ones from happening (or reverse them).

In this episode, Tygh Walters talks about the 3 fundamentals to provide good Amazon customer experience:

  • Be fast and correct. Speed of reply and accuracy of information.
  • Be Friendly. Use language that can only be read as polite.
  • Be Proactive. Try to think of what the customer would ask next, then provide that answer.

It’s essential to make the customer feel emotionally engaged, using emojis and asking about their purchase to make them feel valued.

18:36 - Tygh Walters talks about some amazing tips for how to manage any size or type of E-commerce business with loads of activities taking place every day and dozens of messages popping up in the email.

  • Running a business is not a one-person job.
  • Hire multiple people to perform similar activities.
  • Provide constant training.
  • Have expert guidance sessions.
  • The agents should stay up to date with changes taking place in the inventory and business.
  • Have important information in one central location, plus more.

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