Amazon Wholesale Products to Sell for Profit – Dan Meadors Full Strategy 2020 – Actualize Freedom Podcast

Selling wholesale on amazon is a much simpler model than private label, so many Amazon sellers are adding to their arsenal.

Dan Meadors has sold more than $10 million online, but it took him years of trial and error to figure out which products to sell on Amazon.

After trying what the Amazon wholesale gurus were teaching with little success, he started seeing success with the opposite!

After he found the wholesale formula he began systematizing and hiring so he could find new wholesale products to sell on Amazon and create relationships with brands to sell their products long term.

In this Actualize Freedom Podcast interview, host Danny Carlson dives into the world of amazon wholesale products, which wholesale items to sell on Amazon, and what kind of strategy you need for Amazon wholesale strategy in 2020.

Dan’s Links:
Wholesale Formula Webinar

Show Notes

1:06 – How Dan was forced to start his business

17:03 – Providing potential clients value before they commit

21:28 – How Dan learned to systematize his business

25:26 Dan’s day to day activity in his business

26:55 – What you need to get started in wholesale

31:14 – Profit margins a wholesaler should be looking for in a wholesale product

32:41 – Finding the right products for wholesaling and creating relationships with suppliers

37:55 – Where to find Dan online


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Special page for Actualize Freedom audience –


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