Ep 36 – Jake Barefoot – Hiring in the Philippines

Outsourcing specialist Jake Barefoot details the opportunities, obstacles, tips and best practices of hiring abroad: particularly in the Philippines. The experience Jake shares in this episode is sure to help you vet auspicious remote working relationships!


1:33 – How Jake came to be an expert in Filipino/overseas outsourcing

5:04 – What are the current roles of Jake’s employees in Cebu?

6:19 – Cost savings from outsourcing work to the Philippines

8:31 – The challenges/caveats of having overseas employees

13:25 – The vetting process for overseas employees

18:00 – Mistakes Jake made while hiring overseas

21:10 – The importance of communication with and by employees

26:03 – Advice for hiring abroad

30:18 – Where to find Jake online