Ep 38 – Mario Milanovic – Law of Attraction to Multi Million MONTHS

We’re shaking things up a bit! Instead of having a single specific focus, we’re taking a walk through the multi-faceted business history of Mario Milanovic. Let Mario share the vast knowledge he has accumulated along the way and motivate you to not only be your best, but to lead the life you want to lead! 


1:24: Why did Mario decide to stay in Belgrade, Serbia?

7:40: How does mindset change and meditation shape business approach?

9:11: How Mario’s wares placed #1 and #2 for kitchen products on Amazon.

12:53: Mario’s Amazon Vendor Central experience.

15:05: What is Mario’s current primary focus in business?

19:09: How long did it take for Mario to create a very unique product in the food industry?

20:48: The story of Mario’s affiliate marketing business.

26:29: Mario’s level of satisfaction with his business endeavors, then and now.

27:51: The effects on ego from the ups and downs of running businesses.

31:29: The importance of mindfulness in business.

35:04: The caveats of working with large amounts of outsourced employees.

37:47: How Mario chooses which opportunities to pursue.

45:58: Where can you reach out to and follow Mario online?


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