Ep 39 – Nate Ginsberg – The Unsexy Drivers of Amazon FBA Success

Successful Amazon entrepreneur Nate Ginsberg details how he built his business from the ground up. He covers a wide scope of pertinent subjects ranging from vetting employees, marketing, finance management, logistics, the psychological aspect of building and running a business and the importance of enjoying what you do. 


2:10: Nate’s first Amazon business.

4:17: The influential effects of being around other Amazon sellers.

6:46: What prompted Nate to sell his business?

14:18: How did Nate decide on the next step?

20:51: The process of identifying Nate’s unique ability.

26:01: Hiring and inspiring the right team.

32:27: Practical and/or subtle things Nate does to foster inspiration in employees.

44:10: Incorporating the correct systems and structures into the business’ foundation.

47:10: Where to find Nate online.




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