Ep 41 – Ben Obrien – Become a Traveling Entrepreneur

Amazon entrepreneur, family man and digital nomad Ben Obrian shares the secrets which earned him freedom from his mundane day job! In this interview Ben details the hours he worked at different periods in his business as well as the processes, steps and decisions he made throughout his entrepreneurial career. Let Ben guide you to attaining financial freedom with Amazon and drop that 9 to 5! 


00:28: How did Ben initially discover Amazon?

2:10: How many hours was Ben spending on his business at the beginning stages?

4:44: Ben’s current situation and plans for traveling the world with his wife and young child.

8:01: Hours Ben works on his Amazon business during the busy season as compared to “relaxed periods”.

10:14: What was Ben’s process for deciding on the first product to sell on Amazon?

15:41: Details about Ben’s Kickstarter campaign.

17:51: The manufacturing and scaling process.

25:10: What Ben wishes he was told when he first started.

28:35: Ben’s main focus for advertisement.

30:01: Ben’s plans for the future of his business ventures.

32:43: Ben’s current travel plans.

34.29: In today’s business climate, what products would Ben pursue and which ones would he avoid?

36:43: How to find Ben online.


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