Ep 42 – Jeremy Sherk – Life of an 8 Figure Seller

Amazon superstar and guru of supplement sales Jeremy Sherk stars in this first-ever return appearance on Actualize Freedom! Get the inside information about what has changed since his last interview in terms of approach, distribution, marketing strategy, psychology of business and much more.


1:58: The Amazon review purge.

4:30: The correlation between the amount of reviews and sales on Amazon.

6:41: How Jeremy dealt with the review purge psychologically and proactively.

10:00: How has Jeremy changed his distribution strategy since he was last on Actualize Freedom?

12:40: Jeremy’s unique approach to supplement sales.

17:20: Jeremy’s day-to-day strategic approach.

19:53: The importance of personal care.

23:02: What are the indicators of burnout for Jeremy and what preemptive action does he take when the indicators show themselves?

26:22: Details about Jeremy’s new podcast and his motivations for doing it.

29:52: Has Jeremy had any business epiphanies since our last chat?

36:31: Jeremy’s view on Messenger marketing.

38:32: Messenger or email – which is more effective right now?

41:00: Parting words/advice.

43:51: Where to find Jeremy online.


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