Ep 43 – Ryan Rigney – Facebook Ads & Manychat for Reviews & Launch

Contemporary online ads expert Ryan Rigney shares his vast experience in external advertising for Amazon products. Ryan offers in-depth detail regarding the immense opportunity found in Facebook Messenger campaigns and Facebook ads. Other exciting topics discussed include implementing successful launch strategies, focus on reviews, best practices and risky endeavors in today’s digital climate. 


1:15: How Ryan became an Amazon external ads expert.

5:21: The process of learning to use Facebook Messenger and Facebook advertisements to enhance Amazon sales.

7:50: Ryan’s recommendation for a single source to best generate traffic to Amazon.

10:24: Good strategies for promoting larger, higher priced items on Facebook ads.

16:41: What is the minimum timespan to allow Facebook ads to implement the proper algorithm for your ads?

18:13: Ryan’s preferred strategy to use Messenger and Facebook ads to get more reviews on Amazon.

20:12: Why does Ryan give away items that are not incentivized?

24:12: Ryan’s take on “black hat” incentivized review campaigns.

25:57: How does Ryan build and nurture audiences to create longer term seller/customer relationships?

29:52: How often and for what reasons does Ryan send out new messages to his subscribers?

33:19: Ryan’s recommendations for how to begin learning about setting up ad campaigns.

35:40: Ryan’s predictions for emerging trends and techniques for Amazon sellers in the future.


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