Ep 44 – Aron Raduly – Systems that Protect Amazon Businesses

In this interview we discuss the unique entrepreneurial journey of successful Amazon seller and software developer Aron Raduly. Aron details the story of his multi-faceted business ventures, provides tips to avoid pitfalls and his experience dealing with the problems that invariably arise. Take advantage of the expertise of someone who has been there/done that!


0:32 – Why/how did Aron sell his first business on the Empire Flippers marketplace.


7:18 – What was Aron’s next business step after selling his Empire Flippers business?


15:12 – Why do some people become complacent and even lazy after they’ve reached a certain level of success, and what are the potential consequences?


19:32 – What are the most important things for an Amazon seller to be monitoring, and what is the proper procedure on how should they go about monitoring them?


30:41 – Aron’s advice for new Amazon sellors.


34:59 – Where to find Aron online


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