Ep 45 – Casey Gauss – Data Backed Ranking & Suspension TRUTH

Young entrepreneur Casey Gauss shares his in-depth knowledge about the micro and macro data operations on Amazon. As founder and CEO of Viral Launch, a company aimed at providing entrepreneurs with the insight, tools, and partnerships needed for lasting success, Casey often launches hundreds of products daily. Take this opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced Amazon gurus out there today!

1:46 – Casey’s experience transitioning from a small company into large business

2:51 – Casey’s Youtube channel

4:01 – Witnessing large scale Amazon changes from the inside

11:37 – What precautions should new Amazon sellers take in regards to promotions?

15:25 – What to expect running a new PPC campaign

20:20 – How long does it reasonably take to get a profitable campaign set up?

22.40 – Amazon PPC metrics

26:26 – The effects of black hat tactics on conversion rates

28:08 – Casey’s predictions for near-future changes on Amazon

35:26 – Are there ways to elicit positive reviews within Amazon’s terms of use?

40:00 – Where to find Casey online


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