Ep 47 – Brittany Brown – Profit Killing Mistakes FBA Sellers Make

Many new or aspiring Amazon sellers aren’t aware of the integral number crunches that are so essential to a successful business. Let Brittany’s expertise give you a head start on those unsexy yet crucial bureaucratic elements of running your Amazon business.

1:39 – Quantifying and designating funds properly on Amazon.

6:56 – Recognizing the bigger picture of your profits and expenses.

11:11 – Accounting tips for new or newer sellers.

13:59 – Cash flow management and sales projections.

18:08 – Time/inventory management for spreadsheet beginners and intermediates.

23:21 – Recording and reporting revenue properly/dodging the long reach of the IRS.

28:28 – The murky waters of cross-territory sales taxes.

34:08 – The cost of tax registration across multiple states, and what Brittany recommends as the minimum threshold for reporting revenue across those individual states.

38:05 – Where to find Brittany online.


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