Ep 48 – Liz Adamson – Amazon Ads Strategies for 2019

Every product or service requires a unique advertising plan and method of execution. Additionally, each of these plans needs to be updated and tweaked as time goes on and the Amazon climate continues to evolve. These processes can be overwhelming even for seasoned sellers. Take this opportunity to let Amazon Ads expert Liz Adamson’s knowledge and experience help you get your business that crucial boost in exposure to make your products and services thrive!


1:12 – New additions to the Amazon Ads platform.

2:26 – Who has access to these new additions?

3:36 – Other additions that may not be available to everyone yet.

7:29 – Targeted advertising.

8:24 – Can you see if your competitors are using programmatic display ads?

9:31 – Having your ads show up on specific ASINs.

16:56 – Is it always best practice to target your “weakest” competitor?

21:18 – Sponsored products/keyword advertisement best practices in 2019.

25:13 – Tools and methods Liz recommends for keyword research.

26:28 – Recommendations for methods on bid adjustments.

28:49 – Does Liz use software for programmatic bid adjustments?

31:26 – Which bid adjustment software(s) does Liz use, and what are the specific inputs placed into the software?

35:16 – How does Liz keep track of all the details of her advertising campaigns?

37:19 – What type of mindset and procedures does Liz use to keep up testing and tweaking her ad campaigns?

39:27 – Where to find Liz online.


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