Ep 49 – Fernando Cruz – 8 Figure Product Research, Launch, & Scale

Starting an Amazon business is often daunting, presenting tasks and learning curves which may seem insurmountable, scaring many new sellers off. Of the ones that make it through that initial stage, most don’t realize the brand new set of tasks and learning curves that come with substantial growth. Join us today with 8-figure Amazon seller Fernando Cruz as he details his Amazon journey, particularly after the growth phase. His vast experience easily can save you innumerable amounts of time and headaches!

2:20 – How does an 8-figure seller conduct product research?

6:12 – Coordinating proper margin calculation.

8:46 – What product launch methods are most effective with current Amazon algorithms and protocols?

10:30 – How Fernando is managing product rebates.

12:18 – Calculating rebates versus discounts/giveaways.

14:46 – Fernando’s strategy for managing inventory.

17:34 – Strategies for effectively outsourcing employees.

26:14 – How Fernando communicates with his team of outsourced help.

29:44 – In what ways has Manychat benefited Fernando’s business?

31:14 – What does a typical work day for Fernando look like?

33:07 – Fernando’s predictions for Amazon ecommerce for the next year.

36:24 – Pixelfy.me

38:35 – Where to find Fernando online.


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