Ep 50 – Lesley Hensell – Suspension Prevention 2019

Over time, Amazon terms of use and service have become more stringent, and in some cases, fairly obfuscated. Some of these evolving rules and regulations can sometimes become hard to keep up with and easy to forget. Today’s guest, Lensley Hensell specializes in conformance to these guidelines, resolving suspensions and keeping Amazon seller accounts healthy and active at all times. She has helped to recover and keep safe thousands of seller accounts. Let her knowledge and experience keep your seller page compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.


1:14 – The mindset to overcome an Amazon suspension.

5:49 – Primary/secondary Amazon accounts and suspensions.

8:25 – Amazon suspensions related to Amazon BSR and promotion manipulation.

10:34 – The language involved in terms of rebates and Amazon TOS.

16:09 – Intentionally directing customers to favorable places to the seller.

17:48 – How Amazon makes calls on what is manipulation and what isn’t.

20:43 – The controversial “Super URL” in 2019.

22:41 – Search and browse violations.

24:56 – Can Amazon detect “search find buy” techniques?

27:05 – Can Amazon detect copy/pasted reviews?

28:46 – The top 3 reasons Amazon sellers are getting suspended today.

35:02 – Amazon customer service.

40:05 – Where to find Lesley online.


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