Ep 52 – Adam Hudson – Developing Unique Products with the Amazon Polymath

Multiple 8 figure business owner and business coach Adam Hudson joins us today as we delve into the multiple angles within Amazon with his unique and comprehensive perspective. Adam details the mindset necessary to keep unique, innovative and interesting products on the market and how to effectively implement market segmentation. This interview is a must for any new or aspiring sellers who are looking to tap into the profitable markets less sought-after!


1:42 – Pivotal moments in Adam’s career.

4:58 – The process of creating unique products for the Amazon marketplace.

9:24 – Balancing time and budget.

12:53 – Indicators for products or product areas which are ripe for modernization/innovation.

16:27 – Developing niche products for boring or “unxexy” yet profitable markets.

20:44 – Finding the proper balance between shooting hard for the first sale and protecting your product and capital.

23:48 – Cost effective methods to differentiate your product from the current market.

29:51 – Other methods of product differentiation.

34:09 – Important ways entrepreneurs need to grow as entrepreneurs in order to grow their businesses.

38:05 – One final resource/piece of advice.

40:47 – Where to find Adam online.


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