Ep 53 – Nick Young – ManyChat, Remote Teams, & Product Launch

Third member and co-mastermind of Seller Tradecraft to be a guest on the Actualize Freedom Podcast Nick Young joins us today to share his wide breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise with running an Amazon business and successfully navigating its many grey areas. This episode contains integral information regarding running a successful Amazon business and is not one to be missed!


1:23 – Finding and launching new products on Amazon.

4:17 – What Amazon can do to detect manipulated giveaways.

6:06 – Rebates on Amazon.

10:24 – Manychat/Facebook Messenger marketing and direct emails.

13:52 – Nick’s Manychat funnel.

17:42 – Targeting/segmenting audiences.

20:28 – Why is Seller Tradecraft’s team composed almost entirely of outsourced talent?

24:40 – What Nick looks for when hiring new outsourced workers.

27:02 – Diversifying your talent pool when hiring workers.

29:50 – Relying on instinct vs logic when making business decisions.

32:04 – Contemporary traits which separate failing business from successful ones.

35:48 – Where to find Nick online?



Seller Tradecraft website – https://www.sellertradecraft.com/

Seller Tradecraft Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/sellertradecraft/

Seller Tradecraft Youtube channel –  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHntYYv-dwbTP-g-y4RYsg

Nick’s Email – Nick@sellertradecraft.com


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