Ep 54 – Troy Johnston – Systems Thinking, Keyword Mastery, & ManyChat

Mastermind behind FBA Kings Facebook group and the Seller.tools application Troy Johnston joins us today on Actualize Freedom. Troy’s experience and knowledge of keyword implementation as well as Amazon’s inner workings and procedures will lend an auspicious helping hand to new and experienced sellers alike.

1:30 – What should new sellers focus on when launching new products?


2:49 – Core fundamentals for launching products.


5:19 – Underutilized ways for identifying pertinent keywords.


7:50 – Methods for coming up with ‘blue ocean’ keywords. 


12:09 – Ranking for ‘blue ocean’ or ‘long tail’ keywords. 


15:42 – When to use Manychat. 


22:17 – Key methods of system syncing for Amazon sellers. 


25:06 – Troy’s methods for creating operating procedures. 


27:43 – A complex process Troy was able to standardize in an SOP.


31:49 – Troy’s educated predictions for changes in the Amazon platform in the near future.


38:01 – Where to find Troy online. 



FBA Kings Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmazonKings/


Seller.tools – https://seller.tools/


Zapier – https://zapier.com/ 


Manychat – https://manychat.com/


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