Ep 55 – Brandon Buckner – Amazon FBA + Google Ads & External Traffic

Amazon external traffic expert and self-proclaimed marketing nerd Brandon Buckner joins us today to offer valuable insight into relevant topics such as Google Ads and how Amazon sellers can optimize their revenue using various advertising methods. Brandon discusses effective cutting edge methods to manage sales campaigns and funnels that are crushing it with current algorithms. New and seasoned sellers alike are sure to get value out of this value-packed interview! 

1:16 – Brandon’s background with Amazon. 


4:50 – How difficult will it be for a beginner to set up a proper Google Ads campaign?


6:13 – What strategies is Brandon using for his Google Ads campaigns? 


10:08 – Key elements of creating an optimized storefront for sales.


13:20 – What strategies are working well recently with Facebook Ads?


17:26 – How does Brandon construct his sales funnel after potential clients see video ads?


21:00 – Effective ways of using Facebook Messenger for sales. 


23:32 – The importance of strategy vs creativity in sales.


28:06 – More successful sales strategies.


32:20 – Is there software that allows tracking conversions from Google Ads to Amazon?


34:04 – Is Brandon seeing good results with Youtube ad funnels?


35:11 – What is Google Shopping?


37:13 – Brandon’s recommendations for diversifying advertising platforms.


40:21 – Where to find Brandon online.



Brandon’s advertisement optimization business – https://nextlevelsellers.com/

Brandon’s email – Brandon@nextlevelsellers.com


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