Ep 57 – Shawn Michael – $10 Million Goal & the Mindset to Get There

Veteran of all things Amazon Shawn Michael joins us today as we delve into the ever-crucial mindset necessary in order to tackle the broader aspects of being an Amazon business runner as well as the integral minutiae involved. Hard work and failure is essential for long term success. Join us today as we discuss the mind frames that will virtually guarantee your goals will be reached.

0:54 – Evolution of Shawn’s Amazon career.

3:35 – Mindset required to create functional/logical systems in regards to outsourcing and making sure things get done.

8:43 – Mindset fundamentals for success.

14:42 – Keeping emotions out of business decisions.

22:30 – Efficiency in business.

27:53 – Systems for maintaining mental balance.

29:20 – Sticking to long term plans.

34:30 – The importance of setting goals.

39:02 – The process of bringing new products to the market.

45:19 – Where to find Shawn online.


Shawn’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/dbaglife/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARD5tGHuXSBomj5nyOIY8iCz72aMI2lFZ_O0j61atiKgLZBq3qfILxVmQsCJmPgLK4tEZs_JTydE2v24


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