Ep 60 – Liran Hirschkorn – Amazon with 11 Years Marketing Wisdom

Amazon external marketing strategist and mindset development expert Liran Hirschkorn joins us today do delve deep into the mysterious depths of external marketing in ecommerce. Laran goes into the crucial details about how to run an effective marketing campaign from the ground up, as well as attaining a successful mindset. If you’re looking to boost your revenue by getting the good word of your product into the public eye, you’d be remiss to miss this one!

1:00 – Changes in ecommerce over the last 11 years

4:37 – The importance of marketing skillsets today

7:15 – Have a good criteria for product selection

14:15 – After you select a product, how should you proceed with marketing?

19:09 – Second step of an effective ad strategy

21:30 – Other external marketing strategies to focus on

23:55 – Setting up an ad campaign

29:27 – Developing a mindset for success

36:17 – Where to find Liran online


The Amazon Seller Podcast – https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/amazing-freedom-3/the-amazon-seller-podcast

Liran’s Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lhirschkorn

Impact Theory – https://impacttheory.com/


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