Ep 63 – Rick Cesari – $1B Brand Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing can be a minefield, especially for newcomers. Without knowledge of what to shoot for, you can deplete your bankroll real fast with botched video advertisement implementation. Video marketing expert Rick Cesari joins us today to help us defuse some of those mines commonly stumbled onto in the field.

1:28 – Video’s position in advertising today

4:32 – Specifics of Content Samurai

5:41 – What type of videos should Amazon sellers be focusing to practically promote their business?

8:21 – The importance of text captions

12:28 – Creating video content with a specific objective

21.24 – Tips for making videos more engaging

26:23 – Good books and resources to solidify your marketing fundamentals

31:17 – Methods for getting more value out of one video

32:59 – Best platform (after Amazon) to focus on video marketing for

36:11 – Rick’s new book, Video Persuasion


Do you want to learn more about how video marketing can work for you? You can check it out here – https://rickcesari.com/actualizefreedom/

Video Persuasion book – https://www.amazon.com/Video-Persuasion-Everything-Effective-Testimonial/dp/0578500469

Content Samurai – https://www.contentsamurai.com/


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