Ep 69 - Kristina-Mertens - Avoid Scams & Hire Killer Contractors to Grow your Amazon Sales

Ep 69 – Kristina Mertens – Avoid Scams & Hire Killer Contractors to Grow your Amazon Sales

Kristina Mertens is an expert on hiring Amazon FBA related freelancers and agencies with her experience at Sermondo, a platform that connects brands with Amazon FBA talent.

She shares her best tips on vetting companies, avoiding scams, and most effective ways of working with freelancers to get the most out of your investment.

Hiring & delegating is definitely a skillset and something that must be learned. For this reason I really recommend you start delegating at a small level much sooner than you want to to start gaining the skills you will desperately need as your business grows.

Team is everything, there’s only so much one person can do so don’t fall into the solopreneur trap!


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