Ep 71 - Zack Leonard - Taking Unique Amazon Products to Market Profitably

Ep 71 – Taking Unique Amazon Products to Market Profitably with Zack Leonard

1:41 – Adding revenue and cutting costs

2:49 – The first things to look at when cutting costs

4:45 – Finding the pertinent information in order to properly cut costs

6:44 – Gauging and negotiating profit margins with suppliers

8:17 – Creating a relationship with your suppliers that allows for product innovation

9:29 – Methods for figuring out how to innovate products that mesh well with manufacturing costs

11:13 – How to locate someone with a specialty for optimizing the manufacturing process

13:12 – Typical costs and timeframe to be expected when working with an industrial designer

14:16 – $2000 vs $50,000 new product

15:44 – Advice for finding and choosing the right suppliers

19:00 – How to verify a legitimate factory to work with remotely

20:14 – Recommended strategies to verify whether or not your innovation ideas are a good market fit

21:46 – Locating trending items on Etsy and Pinterest

23:16 – Where are common ecommerce businesses getting their foundational setup wrong?

25:44 – Recommended ways to monitor profitability on Amazon

28:20 – Hiring independent contractors that scale their pay with the needs of your business

31:57 – First thing to do to begin successfully monitoring profitability

32:36 – Where to find Zach online


Gembah – https://gembah.com/


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