Ep 73 - Sean-Smith - Amazon Video Ads & the PPC Software Killer

Ep 73 – Amazon Video Ads & The Ppc Software Killer With Sean Smith

Sean Smith is near the top of my list of who I trust for Amazon PPC strategy.

I’ve been through a lot of Amazon PPC courses and in my opinion, his PPC & AMS Accelerator with Taylor Benterud is the best one.

Software automation for Amazon PPC optimization is great, but Sean Smith is a big advocate for using bulk files to smooth Amazon Ads workflow.

Everything from keyword bid adjustments & negative matches to uploading full campaigns for multiple products with thousands of keywords can be done without software much faster than using Amazon Seller Central’s campaign manager.

Amazon Sponsored Ads is getting more competitive, so creating an effective Amazon ppc management strategy is going to be essential in 2020 and beyond.

Sean also talks about Amazon video ads and how many accounts are now getting access to this tool, and what new Amazon marketing strategies are coming soon to Amazon sellers and brands with larger adspend.

If you are looking for an Amazon PPC Agency to manage your account, reach out to Kenji ROI: https://www.kenjiroi.com/amazon-ppc-management/


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