Ep 74 - Will Christensen - Amazon FBA Software Automations Used by 7 & 8 Figure Brands

Ep 74 – Will Christensen- Amazon FBA Software Automations Used by 7 & 8 Figure Brands

Will Christensen is the master of Amazon FBA business automations, and founder of the company Data Automation, and he shares his experience in this Actualize Freedom Podcast Episode!

What things should you NOT automate? 

Will Christensen’s rule is to never automate something you haven’t done yourself at least 5 times. If you haven’t’ tested a process, it’s likely you haven’t fixed the “bugs” in your process.

What things can you automate in an Amazon FBA Business?

Will first will Google “how do I automate X process?” and see how other people have figured out how to automate it. Rather than trying to figure it out from scratch, it’s likely other businesses have already solved your exact problem.

What exactly can Amazon Sellers automate?

The most common one is Amazon business reports & metrics consolidated into one single report with excel formulas to give you better information to grow your sales.

Zapier is a powerful automation platform that Will’s company Data Automation often  uses to create business process automations without using any code. It’s simple enough for non  techy people to set up powerful automations and replace manual tasks or the need to pay a virtual assistant to do it.

Will’s Automation Agency: https://dataautomation.com


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