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12: Post-Launch Monitoring

• 00:40 – What is Post Launch Monitoring? • 02:22 – Keyword Rank Monitoring. • 04:01 – Example of a keyword change. • 06:06 – When to do a second launch. • 07:24 – What are Super URLs? • 11:30 – Dealing with / Tactics to get rid of negative reviews. • 13:05 – Danny’s recommendation on how to actually reach out to customers. • 15:22 – Stand Up Desk and tips keeping out with shape, body and health. • 17:43 – Action steps for post launch monitoring.

10: $50K/mth Amazon Account SUSPENDED!

How do you deal with any roadblocks that may come up along your journey to Amazon success? Danny did plenty of research and preparation, which paid off in a big way, as he was quickly making $10,000 a month on Amazon after starting, and that soon soared even higher!

09: Wilson’s $10,000/mth Amazon Sales Journey

One of the most important factors in succeeding with your Amazon business is mindset. The wrong mindset and expectations can cause things to go wrong, and may even lead you to give up on your business far too soon.

08: Rob Schad’s $275,000 in 13 Months Strategy

Rob Schad is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who made $275,000 in just  13 months of selling on Amazon. That includes $130,000 in a single month.  Rob is currently building a digital nomad lifestyle, travelling and staying in different places around the world.  Links:

07: Communication with Alibaba

Whether you are a first-time seller on Amazon or are just now branching out and finding a supplier in China, it is time to develop the skills you need to communicate effectively with your manufacturer. Thinking critically about communication is essential for your profits and your success in online business. This is a time and money investment, but we know it is well worth it.


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