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Ep 60 – Liran Hirschkorn – Amazon with 11 Years Marketing Wisdom

Amazon external marketing strategist and mindset development expert Liran Hirschkorn joins us today do delve deep into the mysterious depths of external marketing in ecommerce. Laran goes into the crucial details about how to run an effective marketing campaign from the ground up, as well as attaining a successful mindset. If you’re looking to boost your revenue by getting the good word of your product into the public eye, you’d be remiss to miss this one! 1:00 – Changes in ecommerce over the last 11 years 4:37 – The importance of marketing skillsets today 7:15 – Have a good criteria for product selection 14:15 – After you select a product, how should you proceed with marketing? 19:09 – Second step of an effective ad strategy 21:30 – Other external marketing strategies to focus on 23:55 – Setting up an ad campaign 29:27 – Developing a mindset for success 36:17 – Where to find Liran online Links/Resources The Amazon Seller Podcast – Liran’s Facebook – Impact Theory –

Ep 59 – Henson Wu – White Hat Amazon Reviews

Ecommerce veteran and expert Henson Wu joins us today on the Actualize Freedom Podcast. Henson delves deep into the hot topic that is Amazon reviews and details what we can do to influence this crucial component of our businesses to our benefit. Whether or not you sell on Amazon, Henson delivers spot-on tips that apply to ecommerce across the board, so this is not one to miss! 1:01 – The early days of ecommerce 3:54 – Post “wild west” ecommerce 8:51 – Top 3 methods of collecting more positive reviews on Amazon 11:51 – White hat methods for soliciting reviews 18:55 – Effective subject lines for emails for eliciting feedback 20:47 – Methods for mitigating negative reviews 28:17 – Important aspects of your business you should stay current with 33:41 – Where to find Henson online Links/Resources Henson’s website –

Ep 58 – Sam JT – Selling Over $10 Million a Year with 1 Brand

8 figure Amazon seller Sam JT joins us today to speak about the ins and outs regarding focusing on building a single brand rather than diversifying into multiple brands. Tune into the Actualize Freedom Podcast today to get invaluable tips created from in-depth experience about building a brand, targeting your audience and building lasting business to customer relationships. 1:12 – Why Sam chose to stick with a single brand. 4:54 – Pivotal components that have build Sam’s brand to where it is today. 12:07 – Creating a standardized system for customer service. 17:00 – Sam’s recommended reading material. 20:13 – Why it’s important to have employees where your products are sourced. 25.27 – What Sam does to stay in shape both physically and mentally. 30:41 – Clearing your mind can generate great ideas. 32:07 – Where to find Sam online. Links/Resources Sam’s Facebook group – Extreme Revenue Growth – Ultimate Sales Machine – Dream 100 –

Ep 57 – Shawn Michael – $10 Million Goal & the Mindset to Get There

Veteran of all things Amazon Shawn Michael joins us today as we delve into the ever-crucial mindset necessary in order to tackle the broader aspects of being an Amazon business runner as well as the integral minutiae involved. Hard work and failure is essential for long term success. Join us today as we discuss the mind frames that will virtually guarantee your goals will be reached. 0:54 – Evolution of Shawn’s Amazon career. 3:35 – Mindset required to create functional/logical systems in regards to outsourcing and making sure things get done. 8:43 – Mindset fundamentals for success. 14:42 – Keeping emotions out of business decisions. 22:30 – Efficiency in business. 27:53 – Systems for maintaining mental balance. 29:20 – Sticking to long term plans. 34:30 – The importance of setting goals. 39:02 – The process of bringing new products to the market. 45:19 – Where to find Shawn online. Links Shawn’s Facebook page –

Ep 56 – Chris Rawlings – Mental Roller Coaster Raising $4.5 Million

Scientist turned Amazon seller manager and tech innovator Chris Rawlings joins us today to share his unique story and invaluable experiences. Between monitoring the performance of small, midsize and large companies and technological innovations, we’re lucky Chris found the time to feature on Actualize Freedom and share his indispensable insights with us and our listeners! 2:15 – The story of Chris’s tech startup Judolaunch. 4:51 – Setbacks Chris endured after venture funding and what he’s learned from them. 14:32 – Difference between key performance indicators (KPIs) in larger businesses versus smaller businesses. 19:51 – The KPIs new sellers and smaller businesses should be aware and keep track of. 22:09 – Troubleshooting KPIs. 27:33 – How Chris found investors for his international tech startup Judolaunch and the world’s first equity-backed security token, 22x. 34:54 – Stress management in tech startups. 39:18 – Chris’s predictions for near future changes and trends in Amazon. 49:03 – Where to find Chris online.   Links: Judolaunch – 22x security token – Chris’s Instagram – Seller Jams Podcast –

Ep 55 – Brandon Buckner – Amazon FBA + Google Ads & External Traffic

Amazon external traffic expert and self-proclaimed marketing nerd Brandon Buckner joins us today to offer valuable insight into relevant topics such as Google Ads and how Amazon sellers can optimize their revenue using various advertising methods. Brandon discusses effective cutting edge methods to manage sales campaigns and funnels that are crushing it with current algorithms. New and seasoned sellers alike are sure to get value out of this value-packed interview!  1:16 – Brandon’s background with Amazon.    4:50 – How difficult will it be for a beginner to set up a proper Google Ads campaign?   6:13 – What strategies is Brandon using for his Google Ads campaigns?    10:08 – Key elements of creating an optimized storefront for sales.   13:20 – What strategies are working well recently with Facebook Ads?   17:26 – How does Brandon construct his sales funnel after potential clients see video ads?   21:00 – Effective ways of using Facebook Messenger for sales.    23:32 – The importance of strategy vs creativity in sales.   28:06 – More successful sales strategies.   32:20 – Is there software that allows tracking conversions from Google Ads to Amazon?   34:04 – Is Brandon seeing good results with Youtube ad funnels?   35:11 – What is Google Shopping?   37:13 – Brandon’s recommendations for diversifying advertising platforms.   40:21 – Where to find Brandon online. Links/Resources   Brandon’s advertisement optimization business – Brandon’s email –


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