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Ep 48 – Liz Adamson – Amazon Ads Strategies for 2019

Every product or service requires a unique advertising plan and method of execution. Additionally, each of these plans needs to be updated and tweaked as time goes on and the Amazon climate continues to evolve. These processes can be overwhelming even for seasoned sellers. Take this opportunity to let Amazon Ads expert Liz Adamson’s knowledge and experience help you get your business that crucial boost in exposure to make your products and services thrive!   1:12 – New additions to the Amazon Ads platform. 2:26 – Who has access to these new additions? 3:36 – Other additions that may not be available to everyone yet. 7:29 – Targeted advertising. 8:24 – Can you see if your competitors are using programmatic display ads? 9:31 – Having your ads show up on specific ASINs. 16:56 – Is it always best practice to target your “weakest” competitor? 21:18 – Sponsored products/keyword advertisement best practices in 2019. 25:13 – Tools and methods Liz recommends for keyword research. 26:28 – Recommendations for methods on bid adjustments. 28:49 – Does Liz use software for programmatic bid adjustments? 31:26 – Which bid adjustment software(s) does Liz use, and what are the specific inputs placed into the software? 35:16 – How does Liz keep track of all the details of her advertising campaigns? 37:19 – What type of mindset and procedures does Liz use to keep up testing and tweaking her ad campaigns? 39:27 – Where to find Liz online.

Ep 47 – Brittany Brown – Profit Killing Mistakes FBA Sellers Make

Many new or aspiring Amazon sellers aren’t aware of the integral number crunches that are so essential to a successful business. Let Brittany’s expertise give you a head start on those unsexy yet crucial bureaucratic elements of running your Amazon business. 1:39 – Quantifying and designating funds properly on Amazon. 6:56 – Recognizing the bigger picture of your profits and expenses. 11:11 – Accounting tips for new or newer sellers. 13:59 – Cash flow management and sales projections. 18:08 – Time/inventory management for spreadsheet beginners and intermediates. 23:21 – Recording and reporting revenue properly/dodging the long reach of the IRS. 28:28 – The murky waters of cross-territory sales taxes. 34:08 – The cost of tax registration across multiple states, and what Brittany recommends as the minimum threshold for reporting revenue across those individual states. 38:05 – Where to find Brittany online.

Ep 46 – Alex Huditan – 5-to-the-Power-of-5 Method for 7 Figures

In this episode we interview 7 figure Amazon seller and digital nomad Alex Huditan. Alex shares in depth details about his methods to success as well as some important lessons he’s learned in this past 5 years. The present operations climate at Amazon is not very user friendly for newcomers. Let Alex’s experience and expertise help you put your new business on the right path. 1:50 – Alex’s experience getting into Amazon sales 5 years ago 3:46 – Things Alex did to properly build up his business to where it is today 6:22 – How Alex handled product pictures on Amazon? 8:02 – Alex’s view on not-entirely-honest tactics to get good reviews 11:04 – One more integral thing Alex did to contribute to his business’ growth 12:35 – How Alex dealt with handing over management responsibilities for his company 15:37 – How Alex decided on a work/life balance which fit both his ambitions and desire for personal time 17:40 – A mistake Alex made with his business that made for an invaluable learning experience 20:48 – Mistakes Alex made in the product ranking/product launch categories 23:39 – Present trends in Amazon that cause sellers to struggle 28:17 – Power of the long term mindset 29:44 – Alex’s latest project 33:36 – Where to find Alex online

Ep 45 – Casey Gauss – Data Backed Ranking & Suspension TRUTH

Young entrepreneur Casey Gauss shares his in-depth knowledge about the micro and macro data operations on Amazon. As founder and CEO of Viral Launch, a company aimed at providing entrepreneurs with the insight, tools, and partnerships needed for lasting success, Casey often launches hundreds of products daily. Take this opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced Amazon gurus out there today! 1:46 – Casey’s experience transitioning from a small company into large business 2:51 – Casey’s Youtube channel 4:01 – Witnessing large scale Amazon changes from the inside 11:37 – What precautions should new Amazon sellers take in regards to promotions? 15:25 – What to expect running a new PPC campaign 20:20 – How long does it reasonably take to get a profitable campaign set up? 22.40 – Amazon PPC metrics 26:26 – The effects of black hat tactics on conversion rates 28:08 – Casey’s predictions for near-future changes on Amazon 35:26 – Are there ways to elicit positive reviews within Amazon’s terms of use? 40:00 – Where to find Casey online

Ep 44 – Aron Raduly – Systems that Protect Amazon Businesses

In this interview we discuss the unique entrepreneurial journey of successful Amazon seller and software developer Aron Raduly. Aron details the story of his multi-faceted business ventures, provides tips to avoid pitfalls and his experience dealing with the problems that invariably arise. Take advantage of the expertise of someone who has been there/done that!   0:32 – Why/how did Aron sell his first business on the Empire Flippers marketplace.   7:18 – What was Aron’s next business step after selling his Empire Flippers business?   15:12 – Why do some people become complacent and even lazy after they’ve reached a certain level of success, and what are the potential consequences?   19:32 – What are the most important things for an Amazon seller to be monitoring, and what is the proper procedure on how should they go about monitoring them?   30:41 – Aron’s advice for new Amazon sellors.   34:59 – Where to find Aron online

Ep 43 – Ryan Rigney – Facebook Ads & Manychat for Reviews & Launch

Contemporary online ads expert Ryan Rigney shares his vast experience in external advertising for Amazon products. Ryan offers in-depth detail regarding the immense opportunity found in Facebook Messenger campaigns and Facebook ads. Other exciting topics discussed include implementing successful launch strategies, focus on reviews, best practices and risky endeavors in today’s digital climate.    1:15: How Ryan became an Amazon external ads expert. 5:21: The process of learning to use Facebook Messenger and Facebook advertisements to enhance Amazon sales. 7:50: Ryan’s recommendation for a single source to best generate traffic to Amazon. 10:24: Good strategies for promoting larger, higher priced items on Facebook ads. 16:41: What is the minimum timespan to allow Facebook ads to implement the proper algorithm for your ads? 18:13: Ryan’s preferred strategy to use Messenger and Facebook ads to get more reviews on Amazon. 20:12: Why does Ryan give away items that are not incentivized? 24:12: Ryan’s take on “black hat” incentivized review campaigns. 25:57: How does Ryan build and nurture audiences to create longer term seller/customer relationships? 29:52: How often and for what reasons does Ryan send out new messages to his subscribers? 33:19: Ryan’s recommendations for how to begin learning about setting up ad campaigns. 35:40: Ryan’s predictions for emerging trends and techniques for Amazon sellers in the future.


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