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14: Advanced PPC with Danny & Mike Zigare

Mike Zigare is a co-founder of PPC Entourage & also a 7 figure Amazon Seller. In this episode he shares his insights from both his own selling experience a well as through helping hundreds of Amazon FBA sellers with pay per click. PPC Entourage software can help simplify your PPC management on Amazon, but Mike goes deep into some more advanced tactics in this episode.

13: Wilsons 400K Story

In this episode Wilson will be sharing his 400k core story and why you should start a company with an LLC or Inc.: Time-Stamped Show Notes: • 01:38 – What happened when CRA contacted Wilson? • 13:35 – Lessons learned and why setting up a business everything right from the start is a must. • 14:14 – Why is it important to understand the language of bookkeeping. • 19:37 – Having a super clean book and accounting can put you in a position to sell your business if you’re trying to exit. • 25:21 – The main benefits of having a corporation as opposed to just doing it on your own personal bank accounts. • 27:11 – Wilson;s Angry Birds story.. • 31:43 – Action steps for the audience. Resources from This Interview: •

12: Post-Launch Monitoring

In this episode we go through Post Launch Monitoring: Time-Stamped Show Notes: • 00:40 – What is Post Launch Monitoring? • 02:22 – Keyword Rank Monitoring. • 04:01 – Example of a keyword change. • 06:06 – When to do a second launch. • 07:24 – What are Super URLs? • 11:30 – Dealing with / Tactics to get rid of negative reviews. • 13:05 – Danny’s recommendation on how to actually reach out to customers. • 15:22 – Stand Up Desk and tips keeping out with shape, body and health. • 17:43 – Action steps for post launch monitoring. Resources from This Interview: • • • • •

10: $50K/mth Amazon Account SUSPENDED!

How do you deal with any roadblocks that may come up along your journey to Amazon success? Danny did plenty of research and preparation, which paid off in a big way, as he was quickly making $10,000 a month on Amazon after starting, and that soon soared even higher! However, an unexpected problem brought Danny’s success to a screeching halt, and he questioned whether or not his eCommerce business would be over for good. His 5-figure Amazon account was suspended, cutting off his source of income, and destroying what he’d worked so hard to create. In this episode, Danny shares the story of transitioning from being a carpenter to selling online, the innocent mistake he made that led to his Amazon account being suspended, and how he picked up the pieces and carried on.   Show Highlights: How Danny moved from a blue collar job to selling online Is a 4-hour work week really a realistic expectation? Why Danny chose Amazon over other eCommerce options Choosing winning products Having a 5-figure Amazon account suspended Avoiding trademark infringements and Amazon rule violations What to do if your Amazon account becomes suspended. Resources: 

09: Wilson’s $10,000/mth Amazon Sales Journey One of the most important factors in succeeding with your Amazon business is mindset. The wrong mindset and expectations can cause things to go wrong, and may even lead you to give up on your business far too soon. As Wilson reflects on his early days as an Amazon seller, you’ll hear about tons of mistakes that are common with new sellers. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be that much farther ahead while starting your Amazon business. Whether it’s cutting corners for short-term savings that affect your business in the long run, starting at the wrong time of the year, or not taking the proper steps when sourcing products, you need to hear this episode before spending another second on your business! Show Highlights: The mindset shift that allows Wilson to make $10k a month selling on Amazon. Common beginner questions he had, such as: What is eCommerce? What is selling on Amazon? What is a PPC campaign? What is optimization? How to deal with suppliers, sourcing products, and samples. Should you visit the supplier in person? The scalability of eCommerce vs other businesses. Common, easily avoidable mistakes of new sellers. How cutting corners can have unintended long-term effects. The importance of a proper mindset.   Resources: 


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