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15: Adi Gullia Interview: 7 Figure Amazon FBA Seller

Adi Gullia is a serial entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada who’s founded multiple e-commerce brands, especially on Amazon FBA He currently does high 7 figures in annual sales & even showed up on Dragon’s Den where he received an offer for his brand Grace & Stella Co.

14: Advanced PPC with Danny & Mike Zigare

Mike Zigare is a co-founder of PPC Entourage & also a 7 figure Amazon Seller. In this episode he shares his insights from both his own selling experience a well as through helping hundreds of Amazon FBA sellers with pay per click. PPC Entourage software can help simplify your PPC management on Amazon, but Mike goes deep into some more advanced tactics in this episode.

13: Wilsons 400K Story

• 01:38 – What happened when CRA contacted Wilson? • 13:35 – Setting up a business everything right from the start is a must. • 14:14 – The importance to understand the language of bookkeeping. • 19:37 – Having a super clean book can put you in a position to sell your business if you’re trying to exit. • 25:21 – The main benefits of having a corporation as opposed to just doing it on your own personal bank accounts. • 27:11 – Wilson;s Angry Birds story.. • 31:43 – Action

12: Post-Launch Monitoring

• 00:40 – What is Post Launch Monitoring? • 02:22 – Keyword Rank Monitoring. • 04:01 – Example of a keyword change. • 06:06 – When to do a second launch. • 07:24 – What are Super URLs? • 11:30 – Dealing with / Tactics to get rid of negative reviews. • 13:05 – Danny’s recommendation on how to actually reach out to customers. • 15:22 – Stand Up Desk and tips keeping out with shape, body and health. • 17:43 – Action steps for post launch monitoring.


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