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08: Rob Schad’s $275,000 in 13 Months Strategy Rob Schad is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who made $275,000 in just  13 months of selling on Amazon. That includes $130,000 in a single month.  Rob is currently building a digital nomad lifestyle, travelling and staying in different places around the world.  Hear why a smart kid with a college scholarship decided to opt out and start a business instead, a move that paid off! Topics include: Why Rob decided to start a business rather than go to college Balancing work and play How much money Rob invested for his first Amazon product Rob’s unsuccessful second product and the lessons learned The launch strategy Rob used for his first product and his current launch strategy Why Rob wants to sell his business Advice for first-time Amazon sellers If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a 5-star review on iTunes!  Links: Rob’s Twitter Rob’s Medium  Rob’s Facebook  Dana Derricks Copywriting Professor 

07: Communication with Alibaba

Whether you are a first-time seller on Amazon or are just now branching out and finding a supplier in China, it is time to develop the skills you need to communicate effectively with your manufacturer. Thinking critically about communication is essential for your profits and your success in online business. This is a time and money investment, but we know it is well worth it.    It’s just time to put on your human decency and do the diligence that is due. You are not working with a computer; there is a real human on the other end of the Alibaba messenger. We want you to have an efficient and effective means of communication so that you can get to production quickly.    We have generated a list of sample questions and laid out the best framework to help you communicate with suppliers in China. Avoid the most common pitfalls and eliminate frustration from your vocabulary with a few easy to execute strategies. Learn the skills that will allow you to communicate effectively with suppliers, and you will end up saving so much money and time. Take it from our experience and mistakes, there is a way to make the communication process painless and effective.   Show Highlights: A few guidelines to get you started.  Wilson’s sample questions to save you time.  Make sure you find out the lead time.  Check out the samples, and show that you are serious.  Compare suppliers side-by-side.  Cutting down communication time can save you money.  Straightforward communication on both ends is essential.  Red flags for suppliers.  Number your questions and use pictures.  Questions for evaluating samples.  Strategies for working out shipping.  Common pitfalls that new sellers need to understand.    Resources:   

06: How to Find Your Supplier

This is a very important episode, so pay attention! Now that you’ve chosen a product, it’s time to get connected with the right supplier. Sure, there are domestic suppliers out there in the U.S. and Canada that you could use. For us, we rely on suppliers in China because they are easy to find, have regulated policies, and are generally more cost-effective.    Finding a supplier in China is easy with Alibaba. It is a search engine similar to Google or Amazon that allows you to locate and message a representative from different suppliers in China. We have a few strategies for you that will make communication less frustrating, as well as some words of wisdom for those of you who have not supplied in China before.    In addition to an episode filled with great content, we also have a challenge for you at the end of the episode. Listen to find out what it is, and learn just how easy it is to get connected to the right supplier.    Show Highlights: Where can you find a supplier?  The advantages of supplying domestically.  The advantages of sourcing in China or Internationally.  Agents are available, but that is not our focus starting out.  There is no Alibaba equivalent for the U.S.  All about Alibaba and the Trade Assurance Program.  Suppliers are really motivated to get the product right.  The different suppliers you will find on Alibaba.  Reach out! There is a human on the other end.  Our experiences with communicating with the suppliers.  Our challenge to you!    Resources Alibaba:  

05: Product Research – Part 3: How To Calculate Your Profit

Are you ready to stop wasting time, and start maximizing your energy? Then you are going to need the right tools to help you out. Here at Actualize Freedom, we have gathered all of the best market research tools and hacks so that you can start your new e-commerce business quickly and efficiently. This is Part 3 of our Product Research series. Make sure you have listened to Parts 1 and 2 before moving on!    One of our favorite time-saving tools is a Profit Calculator. It is a simple excel spreadsheet that will allow you to quickly and effortlessly see where your money is going and if a product will actually allow you to turn a profit. Look into our Keystone Pricing Model to ensure that you are pricing products well. While you are using these tools and putting in the hard work to start your business, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Have a steady exercise routine to make sure you are at top performance.    Make sure that you take action after you’ve listened to this episode. We’ve gathered the resources and given you our best mindset practices. Now you can optimize your life and prioritize your freedom.     More in this episode: Learn all about a profit calculator.  Our resources for any info you might need to calculate your profit.  What is the Keystone Pricing Model.  Having formulas and calculations in mind can save you time.  Know whether or not your sourcing is too expensive.  Create a process to stop wasting time in product research.  Prevent yourself from burning out with enjoyable exercise.    Resources  

04: Product Research – Part 2: Competition Analysis

What is the optimal product for your online business on Amazon? It’s impossible to know without a little homework. Let us show you how!  Welcome to Part 2 of our Product Research series. In Episode 3, we shared some of our best practices for beginning Product Research. It is crucial to your success to know your product will be a profitable investment well before you ever post your first listing on Amazon. Do you think you found a product that will allow you to unlock your success? Then now is the time to use what we think is the most underrated tool of Product Research, competition analysis.    Jump onto Amazon and take a look at all your competitor’s similar listings. In this episode, we will give you metrics and criteria you can use to analyze your competitor’s listings and ensure this will be a profitable product for your business. We will discuss how to spot a trend, and why jumping on the bandwagon is rarely profitable. We will show you easy ways to compare competitor’s listings and find your opening. Above all else, we will equip you to turn your research into action by setting up weekly goals.    Make sure to stick with us for Part 3 of our Product Research series. We know it is well worth the time investment!    More in this episode: A review of the basic criteria and metrics for Product Research.  Look at the trends, and beware of the trend bubbles.  Lightning deals and limited time promotions drive sales but increase competition.  Reviews: how many is too many? What can we learn from them? Analyze the quality of your competitors.  Tips that you can use to get on the 1st page of Amazon.  Use weekly goals to keep accountable for your success.    Tools and Resources Amazon’s Restricted Products:   Helium 10 Chrome Extension:   Google Trends:   Goal Setting Spreadsheet:  

03: Product Research – Part 1: How to Find Winning Products

So you are ready to hack your freedom by starting your own business on Amazon. Great! What do you need to do next to ensure your success? The answer is surprisingly simple. Product Research. Doing Product Research is the key to unlocking your success. In fact, 80% of your success on Amazon comes down to research.  Lucky for you, we have the strategies and systems you need to get your Product Research started. Listen to this episode to learn what you need to do to ensure your business is profitable and worth your investment. New skills are attainable and necessary to build up your business. It’s time to dig in.   Learn in this episode: Look for where the demand is.  How you can optimize your listing.   Skip the seasonal products, gadgets, and furniture.  Consumable, lightweight products.  Why higher-margin products are safest for Amazon. We share our pricing secrets.  How to learn new skills FAST.  Our action steps to take your business to the next level.  Resources:


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