Helpful Tools and Resources:

The below resources are all personally used, or have been personally used by Wilson & I. Some are affiliate links where we make a smal commission on a sale, some are not, but they’re all what we honestly recommend as the best tools of their kind to use.


Focus Booster Pomodoro Timer

Free tool I use to push through tough tasks. I set the timer for 25 mins on, 5 mins off. It makes it easier to stay focused knowing you’ll have a break soon. I use the free version.

Amazon’s Restricted Products

Stay away from anything on this list. Know it… live it.

Google Trends

 Use this to check if products are seasonal, at the top of a trend and about to burst (wrong time to jump in!), or even better,  slowly growing over the past several years.

Recommended Seller Software & Services:

What We Use for Podcasting Gear:


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