Seller SKills 1 - Augustas Kligys - Is European Seller Conference Worth It

Seller Skills 1 – Is European Seller Conference Worth It – Augustas Kligys

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The European Seller Conference is coming up in less than 2 weeks in Prague, is it worth it?

Personally I can say the value I’ve gotten from Amazon Seller events far outweighs the costs of tickets and flights.

All it takes it 1 valuable new business relationship with another seller, Amazon service provider, or 1 “golden nugget” shared over a group dinner to have a positive ROI.

Augustas Kligys, Founder of European Seller Conference gives us details on who the conference is for, what types of people will be there, and a few real life examples of key business partnerships that started at his past events.

If you are looking to level up your network with an Amazon Seller conference this year, the European Seller Conference may be for you.

European Seller Conference 2020 Speaker List

Danny McMillan
Host of Seller Sessions
Presenting: Using 2020 Vision On Your Amazon PPC

Seth Kniep
CEO and Co-founder of Just One Dime
Presenting: How to launch a profitable Amazon product that sells fast in 2020

Franz Jordan
Founder & CEO of Sellics
Presenting: Running Successful Amazon PPC Campaigns in 2020

Tomer Rabinovich
Amazon Expert & Consultant
Presenting: Sell More of the Same

Howard Thai
Founder & CEO @ United Integral Inc.
Presenting: Who knows how to find the most Profitable Keywords to Rank?

Michael Hartman
Managing Partner @ Innoventic
Presenting: 5 Ways to Get the Most out of Brand Registry

Jana Krekic
Owner @ YLT Translations
Presenting: Amazing Excel Formulas That Will Help You Find the Right Keywords on International Markets FOR FREE

Carina McLeod
CEO @ eCommerce Nurse
Presenting: 9 Ways to Increase Customer Spend and Grow Sales

Chris Rawlings
Founder & CEO Sophie Society
Presenting: The Future of the Amazon Marketplace – Amazon Business Success 2021 and Beyond

Kian Golzari
Founder & CEO @ Veltra
Presenting: I’ve sourced over 2,500 products from China: Here’s what works in 2020

Lazar Zepinic
Owner of Sellers Alley
Presenting: Amazon Attribution – Drive highly relevant traffic via Google Ads to your Amazon Listing.

Shane Oglow
Co-Owner @
Presenting: Dominate Amazon Rankings and Build a Bulletproof Brand

Emma Schermer Tamir
Co-Founder of Marketing by Emma
Presenting: Unlock the Urge to Buy: How to Win More Customers with Your Amazon Listings

Athena Severi
Founder of China Magic
Presenting: The Power of Networking

Phil McCarty
Founder @ PPC Prophet & Amachete
Presenting: Europe, WTF?! A Data Love Story

Damian Wiszowaty
CEO @ Gonito, Amazon Expert
Presenting: FOUR OF A KIND – Four Security Aces on Amazon

Alex Wyatt
Head of Business Development @
Presenting: The future of VAT: What it means to be compliant in 2021

Peter Lazea
Amazon Seller and Co-Founder of The Culture of Achievement
Presenting: The Sale Starts After You Sell the Product and Not Before

Yev Marusenko
Founder of Zontracker/AmzJet
Presenting: The Facebook Ads Framework for Break-Through Hacks, Tactics, and Mindset

Anthony Cofrancesco
Amazon Conversion Optimization Expert
Presenting: Best Practices for Conversion Optimization

Gilad Freimann
Founder & CEO of VA Academy Philippines
Presenting: Building a Team of VA’s for an Advanced Amazon Business

European Seller Conference 2020 Pricing

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