Seller Skills 2 - Paul Easton - 3 Steps to Build an Audience Off Amazon

Seller Skills 2 – Paul Easton – 3 Steps to Build an Audience Off Amazon – Drive External Traffic to Amazon Products

Relying on Amazon as your only traffic source is scary and dangerous.

Paul Easton shares why building your own store is NOT the first step, and what you should be focusing on first to diversify your Amazon traffic.

Step 1: Product Inserts

You design them quickly in Canva using pre-made templates. Depending on the product, different incentives will have the best conversion rate.

Warranties work really well for some products, but make little sense for others. Or entering to win a $200 gift card every month can work really well.

Step 2: Setup Email Marketing Automation

The most basic way is to setup a free Mailchimp account, and just use the template landing page for email opt in from your Amazon product inserts.

For a more robust system, Danny uses Active Campaign, but it’s more expensive and only makes sense if you have a larger list.

Step 3: Should You Use Manychat / Facebook Messenger?

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